Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Random Update

Guys, I'm back but not with a bang.

Well, it has been so depressing to read about Liverpool on the news nowadays because it never seemed to be for the right reasons. Seemed like our American owners have really screwed us over and now we can only wait and watch this tragedy-in-making unfold before our very eyes.

But this off field problem seemed to dissipate into the on-field matters as well because of how unprofessional and childish they acted. Yes, we know you had a high tea with Jurgen Klinsmann and had some cheese cakes but WHY do you need to put it up high on the official Liverpool website?

Is this some sort of trick to make Rafa jealous? If it is, then I think it wouldn't work on Rafa, ever. Seems to me like the American owners is like a guy who doesn't really like his current girlfriend and openly flirts with another in front of her.

Right. Quite apparent that we'll lose Benitez as well this summer IF the Americans are still on deck.

How much mess have we got into? Probably not all to blame the Hicks and Gillett as well. It was David Moores who agreed to sell Liverpool to the duo and what about Rick Parry? If everyone knew about what Hicks did to his baseball team, how on earth did the two key men NOT know that it was going to be a bad call.

Now we've been tossed and thrown in the waves of this turbulent wave of money, pride and greed. Is anybody even concerned about our club's heritage and history?

I guess in this age, nothing else but money matters anymore. For more money, everyone could do ANYTHING for it. We're a club probably made a scapegoat for these people and we don't even know.

Money, root of all evil? My arse, it's the very evil itself!

Question: If you could do something about this situation, what would you do? Remove the owners? Get DIC back in the frame? Sack Rick Parry for being totally anonymous? Tell me more about your views.


Oc3l0t said...

It really is a shame to see Liverpool in its current state. Last year when the Americans just took over, everything seemed so rosy, we even got ourselves some funds to spend on. Now that they are showing their true colors, I hope the Kop will unite and force the 2 owners to step down. Hopefully DIC will take over; not that it's 100% guarantee that DIC will be better than the 2 Americans, but at least there is still a hope that they will pull us out of this messy situation.

-a said...

The Americans know shit abot football, but is DIC any better? They're businessmen with no emotional attachment to the club just like the Americans.

I highly doubt they would give Benitez a load of money at a whim.

The truth is, and it hurts, Benitez and the players have disappointed us more than anything else. I can only blame the owners for so much.

Oc3l0t said...

I do not blame the Americans for Liverpool not performing in the EPL. I blame them for causing all the off-field controversies. The negative coverage Liverpool has gotten has hit a record high with these 2 in control and it really is a shame to see Liverpool being mentioned in the news almost everyday for the past month or so.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up.

It's always the Americans' fault with the British. Liverpool wasn't great before, and they are not great now (6th and moving on down). Gerrard, making $200,000 a week, says it is affecting his play. I used to like him, but the hell with that. Crybabies, all of them.

And another thing, you may think we know shit about football, but give us a few more years of our league. We become the best at everything we do, and football won't be any different.

Anyway, how much do the English know? A WC win in '66. Wow. You guys are something genius. Oh, except you haven't done anything since......Euro 08 *cough*

tom said...

Well to be honest, you yanks really don't know anything about football- for Christs sake, you call it SOCCER. An just remind me, when was the last time "the great USA" won a world cup?

You call America a great country, but you have that blithering idiot- bush as your president- enough said.

Anonymous said...

You're funny, Tom.

You call Bush an idiot, yet how many times have we been attacked since 9/11? Zero. I know we shouldn't be at war in Iraq....we should have dropped an atomic bomb on them and been done with it. And so what if we don't want fags running around in our country, it's a disgusting thing anyway.

Not to mention, your country follows around a figurehead queen and 2 doofy princes. What exactly do they do for your country, anyway? And your country is still having an inquest over Di's death...10 years later. Ummmm, hate to break it to you, she was no longer a princess and she died in a high speed car wreck. It's over now, so quit wasting your tax payers money.

And you should look up the origin of the word "soccer". You say we don't know anything about it, and that's the proof? That's the best you got? You call Elizabeth a queen, but is she really? Does she rule your country?

As for World Cups, we have won zero. And our top league is now what, 12 seasons old? Do you really want to compare all of that? How about this, we beat England 1-0 in 1950, before we even knew what soccer was.

Your country has a great history, and I always root for them, but you guys are snobs.

tom said...

No- you're funny "anonymous"

Fair enough, you have the right to express your own views but you do seem to contradict yourself.

You say "Your country has a great history"- fair enough, we do. But the Monarchy and the Queen is a integral part of our "great history"- figurehead or no figurehead. (by the way the prime minister rules the country not Queen Elizabeth)

You call me a "snob" for standing up for my own country? You claim to root for England, yet you mock Diana and the failure in Euro 08. See what i mean?

Your league may have been round for 12 years but the first English football league started in 1888- i may not be good at maths, but i think that is slightly longer than 12 years. And would you league be doing "soo well" if it wasn't for beckham?

Anyway i don't want to be sidetracked too much, i came here to talk about Liverpool.

siren said...

I say poll the players. They're the ones in there with each other as a team week in week out. Surely, they have some great ideas as to what can improve everyone's game as a whole.

Chin up :)


siren said...

And wow... I just read the rest of the comments and discovered the intercontinental rift.

I'm gonna dip a toe in and get myself in trouble.

Anon, I believe the 'Americans' mentioned before your injection of opinions, specifically point out the two. So, you calling the English snobs isn't really fair (and I've stayed in London long enough to know that isn't true). Don't shoot me.

And then... we have politicians in the discussion too... oh boy...

Kiss and make up lads :) We all love the game xx

Darren said...

The problem with Liverpool is not at all monetary related !! It is Steven Gerrard. This article typifies why steven gerrard is the cause of all of liverpools problems. Quality Reading -


Right guys, let's not turn this into a US vs UK flame war. It was a genuine question about the club owners and also the 'English' part of the club.

And for your information, I'm not in any sense related to Britain (ok, maybe Singapore had been a colony back then..) so it wasn't really an attack on the States.

I guess money have turned the game ugly...

tom said...

haha l don't know about kissing :) but it has got a little out of hand- like a said before, i have come here to talk about here goes

I think that the American owners are not the only one thing to blame for our position. Although they have disrupted the peace at the club by not backing the manager.

One of the major reasons for our lack of form is the lack of Agger. His injury has cost us more than just a few hospital bills!! Although hyypia has done a commendable job at filling in- he can't cope with the high tempo and this puts a strain on the rest of the defense.

I also think that a number of key players have not played to their full potential this season- such as riise, kuyt,sissoko, Voronin and finnan. As a result we are relaying too heavily on Torres and Gerrard to win the match.

And why does crouch never get played anymore? Its clear that kuyt and voronin aren't providing the goals we need- so why not play "the freaky goal machine"- lets see some more overhead kicks and robotic dances. I would also like to see Babel start more matches- sometime he has little time to influence the match we he come on.

Anonymous said...

Siren is right (except about the kissing).....Sorry Tom

I guess by the time I got to this site I had been reading too many anti-American comments on several other blogs and articles.

I'm just happy that I can actually watch some games now instead of replays two weeks later. I found a website that shows a couple of games a weekend, although here they are at 9am. But beggars can't be choosers.

tom said...

yeah sorry Anonymous- if thats your real name- haha :D. Keep up the good work DROGBALLS, great blog

kuyt_kl said...

There's no Arab,American,British or Malay in here ;) We are all Reds!!