Saturday, March 25, 2006

Maiden Post!!

Alrighty GUYS! first post on here at what..2.34am? I've just reach home after a tiresome yet meaningful day! no i didn't help a blind man to cross a road okay. Anyway before i really go into details of what went on. i just wanna take this chance to say THANK YOU TO JONATHAN LAI(u know why is it PURPLE? hahaha!) for designing the very impressive banner on top! you know he's not a Liverpool fan like me but all credits to him for making it oh-so-nice! Impressive eh. By the way he's a gooner so if you're a spud(Tottenham) fan then...go ahead and spam his blog but im not telling you the add!


Okay go on to what actually happened today. I've met up with my primary school friends! oh dear its been EONS ago since we last met so at first i was rather..awkward. But you know as soon as someone said something that we could all relate to..haha all just CLICKED and the rest we history la. We went to Amelia's house for the party and her mum was super nice. the food is TRES BIEN and you have a bunch of your old classmates years ago sitting beside you. It'll make you reminisce of the past..the things that everyone did together..some for 2 years. some even for the whole 6 years. it was fantastic. then had a gather-around chat and we're all talking about things that we shouldn't have brought up la! (Thank God none of my secrets are exposed!) example.. A likes B and B likes C so A doesnt like C yada yada! it was fun. i mean really brought back lots of memories and some of the names that were brought up during the chat..makes me goes..."errr....i think i remember....but" Guess the thing call AGE is catching up with me.

And den went to the garden for a walk and we actually played with those 'fire crackers' la..seemed childish. but it's okay to be childish once in awhile i guess! Had a football so went for a kickabout with the guys. you know my class was famous for its footie team so all came flooding back eh! arsed around at the park then return back to her house. sat down watched some tv then some people left early. so it was left with afew of us. as usual of these gatherings. ghost story will be told. ting yew will then make something funny out of it and made it all not very scary anymore. haha!

Oh well i don't really know how to end this post. but i gotta say i'll miss you guys so much man. like some of the guys are leaving for NS soon. so meeting up would be a little tricky. but i guess..if we're all willing then nothing could stop us eh? Anyway i'll try to get as many photos from the girls as possible then post it up here ASAP. stay watchful boys and girls!



Didier Drogba. What a cheater really. Chelsea splashed 24 MILLION on this Grade A idiot. During the Fulham vs Chelsea match (which Cheatski lost ha ha ha), he handled the ball before smashing the ball past the Fulham keeper. guess what. without ANY guity conscience, he went on to celebrate yada yada. Then yesterday during the Chelsea vs ManCity game, which of course they went on to win 2-0, he scored a controversial goal by HANDLING the ball before slotting it past David James. So SkySports went on to interview him after the game and this is what he say:

"Yes it was a handball but sometimes this is the game. I don't know how to explain. The ball comes to me and I can't do nothing but this"

Nothing? Drogba? Is he turning into our dearest Maradona and gonna handball his way to World Cup and lead Cote D'Ivoire to glory? Go on cheating Drogs. Someday it'll all come back and haunt you.


claire said...

blahhhh!! test test too!!

Bondevia said...

Hi Claire!

claire said...

hellos!! i bet u're missing me right!

Drogballs said...

haha i shall not comment on that..claire..:p

jaynee (: said...

ure a big fat idiot who doesn't know huw to speak properly. make me waste so much time tryg to figure out what ure talking about. hahaha. anyway, ure really a damn football fan mann ! hahaha. hmm. and rude child, wad jayne YONG. jayne can alr la idiot ! baha.

Drogballs said...

haha whos mentality...OOPS kidding!

Drogballs said...

anyway i cant put jayne cos..i got afew jayne friends haha.

Anonymous said...

BRUDDER! nice banner!