Thursday, November 02, 2006

Random Rant...

I'm not gloating, especially beating a mid table French side by the name of 'bodoh' (idiot in Malay, I think). But I was certainly shocked to see the results for last night's matches. Especially considering I saw them at around 7.30am when I'm still struggling to open my eyes, they certainly helped me to open my eyes wide.

FC Copenhagen 1 - 0 Man Yoo

Okay this shows that nothing is impossible in football. Yesterday I had a friend who was reading the papers and exlaimed that the odds of FC Copenhagen is 14.00. I told him 'hah, how can they win Man Yoo? They're so in form at the moment!'. Bang, I got bollocking from him this morning.

Arsenal 0 - 0 CSKA Moscow

Seemed like those Russian has got something with the English side. I vaguely rememebered we played them in the UEFA Super Cup and we were nearly defeated until Cisse came and rescue us. But Arsenal, oh what's going on. Seemed like the early season jitter strikes back and the players can't find the back of the net.

Well, that's football.


loveuamy said...

Arsenal was quite unlucky..or they tried to play perfectly too much. i couldn't believe how many chances they've missed!! it's really beautiful to watch, but the thing is always to be scoring a goal.


All style, no substance I think. I saw the game as well and missing open goals and 3/4 of the goal gaping is just baffling. You can play sexy football but the point is to score goals and not the most number of accurate defence splitting passes that makes the commentator going into an orgasm. Haha.

RedsMan said...

Well, it made for some staggering viewing. Rosicky, Fabregas, Henry, Van Persie, Hleb. I agree the entertaining was value but it went to count for very little in the end in terms of progress. I wonder if Henry's words towards the fans is a sign of some frustration creeping in, after they had cried for him to shoot on Saturday and he refused. I couldn't believe Rosicky and Fabregas. How many LFC fans would it take to set up the crosshairs if our players had committed misses like those? How many more would have blamed Rafa??