Saturday, December 30, 2006

Drogballs' 2006 Review Part 6 - New Season Beckons


McClaren Takes Over

Former Middlesbrough manager, Steve McClaren took over the helm of Sven as England manager despite the majority of England fan disagreeing with the appointment. Now you know why...

Then He Appoints Terry As Captain

Well, I can't tell whether is it a mistake or not, but just as I've objected the appointment earlier, I still think Gerrard would be the better choice. Whatever it is, I don't really give a damn...

First Silverware In The Bag

Liverpool secured the first silverware of the season by defeating Chelsea at the FA Community Shield. Riise and Crouch scored the goals for Liverpool while that 30 million flop Shevchenko managed to put one past Reina.

Flying The Kuyt

Well, his name is still pronounced as 'Kowt' if you wonder. The Dutch striker joined the ranks as a poacher and also a worker in the team. So far, he has been good and notched up some goals. But still need to do better in the finishing department.

Disappointing Start To The 06/07 Premiership

I remembered I was so excited to see the Reds (or yellow) running out for the first game of the Premiership. But all we've got in the end was massive disappointment. The tradition of Liverpool starting the season slowly came back to haunt us again. The fact that we're up against the newcomer, Sheffield United might sound like we're in for a walkover but it was certainly not so. As the new kids on the block, they tried their best to impress and wanted to show what they're made of. Liverpool were their victim and we drew 1-1 with a piece of luck.

Then it was Everton. The painful defeat at Goodison Park. 3-0 it was and the season looked bleak after only 3-4 games in. Every season we say 'this is our year' and every season we're disappointed.

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