Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm On Newspaper

Well it was my first attempt to write in to the local newspaper named The Newpaper here in Singapore. They wanted to hear from us, the fans for the post-match reactions and so I wrote in one very brief piece and comparing it to the one I wrote previously, it's like a uber-summarised version.

But anyway, I got on!

Yes, I'm James if you ain't aware :)

Anyway there are probably more positives to take out of the Chelsea game if we stand further back and take a look at it from a different perspective. Fernando Torres getting on the score sheet so early in the season was a big positive for me and also, scoring against Chelsea will certainly boost his confidence and also, establishing himself at the club fairly quickly.

And why kick Chelsea out of the race so quickly? Let's do them at later part of the season shall we? Its when it hurts the most, eh?

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psychohare said...

well first of all, congrats on yet another milestone Mr Pang, aka Drogballs!
im very impressed by Torres' goal. It showed his strength and pace to beat Ben Haim, his composure and slick placing of the ball to beat Cech. That goal itself has many positives, coz we can finally counterattack like a world class offensive team. Now if we can get those wingers breezing past defenders, we will have an all new offense very soon...