Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reds Held To Goalless Draw

English Premiership

Portsmouth 0 - 0 LIVERPOOL

It's pointless for me to go on blabbering about the match when I didn't even catch it last night. I'm sorry lads, I was in church so I gave it a miss.

Anyway, I'm feeling the same as majority of the Liverpool fans, which is disappointment. We've been knocked off the top of the Premier League table only a week after reaching the peak for the first time in 5 years and yet we struggled to keep pace and stumbled.

But it could've been worst.

Portsmouth could've won the game through penalty but Spanish custodian, Pepe Reina, was once again the penalty hero.

Prior to the game, Rafa was on a full fledged attack on the FA Premier League, alleging them for being biased against Liverpool in terms of fixture scheduling. It's true in a way that it's difficult to prepare a match only a day after the international games.

But if ManYoo and Arsenal could make do with it, I don't think a few hours will make much of a difference anyway. They beat Everton and Spurs, away from home, respectively.

It could probably mean that Liverpool STILL has a lot to do even though this team seemed to be the best we've assembled in years. We all harbour hopes that we'll win it this season but also it's realistic to start thinking that this team might need some time to gel and get going.

Perhaps with a little luck, we could do it. But right now, it's Champions League next and Porto, away from home, won't be easy.

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