Friday, February 01, 2008

What's Happening?

Wow, a really eventful month of January passed by and still, I have much problem figuring what is going on here at Liverpool FC.

What's happening to the team on the pitch? We haven't won a single game since Boxing Day, mind you. If it isn't worrying then start to, because we're a massive 17 points behind leaders ManYoo (Even by saying that, I feel the stab in my heart).

Almost outplayed by West Ham at Upton Park was hard to watch. It was a bitter pill to swallow but it killed my soul when Carragher conceded the penalty and Mark Noble making no mistake, condemning Liverpool to the abyss. Well, at least it stopped us from drawing games....

What's happening with the Javier Mascherano deal? It should be sealed as soon as possible yet it always seemed like anything to do with Mascherano and Liverpool ends up with the words 'last minute'. Like how we signed him at the nick of time last season, we did the same but failed.

He's an important asset and one of the best in the business but there's a worrying thought that he's being tempted to leave in the summer after such an abysmal season, yet again. Rafa Benitez's future at the club is also one of the keys that he'll consider if he is to put the pen on the paper.

Although he really doesn't contribute much to the attack, he is really one heck of a player in the middle of the park. We need quality and he is that.

Oh, and finally, what's happening to technologies and Microsofts nowadays when a transfer deal is still done over a facsimile. Yes, a fax machine, in 2008!

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has revealed the signing of defender David Rozehnal nearly fell through because of a pair of errant fax machines.

The Czech Republic international moved to the Stadio Olimpico on loan for the rest of the season from Premier League side Newcastle on transfer deadline day.

But Lotito revealed to Sky Sport Italia: "There was a problem with the fax machines - one was broken and the other one had run out of ink.

"But we sorted the deal in the nick of time and we are satisfied."

Well, I guess at least the fax is still very reliable, considering the millions of geeks and technofreaks trying their best to create viruses and hack into email accounts. But seriously, just imagine if the transfer didn't go through and the reason being...

The fax ran out of ink. Sorry boss. Great excuse!

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Lucas Mariano said...

Well...Mascherano is a great player...let's hope he can continue in the reds...

Please no more Charles Itandje...this club had a great history of goalkeepers, and he is not a man for the challenge...

As Rafa's position...if he does not make a good performance in Champions League, he will have to have an insight and see what's wrong. Such a great squad cannot loose or even tie matches like the one with Barnsley...but the hell with it. I support the managers, and the rumour regarding Mourinho taking charge of the management just pisses me off like Paris Hilton giggling about her new police record.

Needles to say, sorry for my english, I'm an Argentinian Liverpool FC fan, I dare to say I'm the biggest fan in Argentina...and my dream is to see a match along with the KOP and screaming my lungs off "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE"