Friday, June 13, 2008

What Will They Do?!

Everyone has a dream and everyone just wants someone to fulfill it for them. How about seeing Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho and even Thierry Henry in your own directed commercial? That must be a dream coming true for most of us, football fans. For you, maybe to watch the Euro 2008 finals in front of a crystal clear, 52inch HD TV. Well, here’s your chance!

Pepsi is ready to give out free prizes and all you need to do is to enjoy the new and improved, Pepsi Max! Along with the facelift, Pepsi Max is a brand new drink that is low in sugar and calorie yet not compromising on the enjoyable cola taste. It’s definitely a healthier choice for those who enjoys Pepsi and what’s better than having your favourite drink and standing a chance to win a 52 inch HD TV? It’s even more apt during this very season as you’ll be able to view the matches of the upcoming Euro 2008, seeing Cesc Fabregas’ mesmerizing playmaking skills, Messi’s dazzling dribbles and Henry’s clinical finishes.

Not only that! Gamers also find themselves in luck as there will be 4 sets of Playstation 3 while players of CabalSEA will be interested to hear about the 10 free Astra Boards as well as posters to be given out as prizes!

So what are you waiting for?! If Pepsi is able to make these people’s dream come true, why not yours? Just pop a can of the new Pepsi Max and it is simple as that. Grab it before it’s too late!

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kpss kitap satışı said...

I love Ronaldinho and messi...
play station 3 version number 3 I see...