Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello & Goodbye

If you thought this is a post about me, then sorry to disappoint you! I'm going nowhere but there seemed to be much activity going on around Melwood in recent days as players arrive and depart from the Liverpool training ground.

Rafa is well please to announce the arrivals of 3 players who are going to fill the ranks of the Liverpool first team next season. Philip Degan, Andrea Dosenna and Diego Cavalieri are unveiled and though they are not ground-breaking signings like Fernando Torres, let's hope that they will have a glorious career at the Reds, aiding us to the long-awaited Premiership crown.

Going the other way is none other than '2 meter Peter', who has been a cult favourite for the past 3 years. His move to Liverpool sparked a revival in his career with participation in the 2006 World Cup and also Champions League final last season.

It is sad to see him leave Liverpool obviously, knowing that he has the qualities of a good player and you have to take your hats off for him as he, against all odds, proved himself to be a top player with important and spectacular goals.

His contributions to the Reds should not be underestimated and I shall wish him all the best in the south coast (just don't score against us next season, that is).

Meanwhile, Harry Kewell has finally departed. Phew


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