Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Opta Stats I've Found

Was browsing through the net for some interesting statistics and here is what I've found:

Opposition shots on target allowed

Liverpool 90
Chelsea 121
Arsenal 128
Manchester United 130
Everton 132
Aston Villa 147
Middlesbrough 157
Sunderland 159
Wigan Athletic 161
Tottenham Hotspur 172
West Ham United 174
Bolton Wanderers 175
Blackburn Rovers 177
Portsmouth 191
Newcastle United 192
Manchester City 200
Fulham 202
Birmingham City 214
Reading 223
Derby County 236

This was taken from the whole of last season and we can see that Rafa's tactics is really about closing opponents down and limiting them to as few chances as possible. Well, easier said than done, isn't it? For all of Chelsea's organised and 'world-class' mercenaries, allowed 34% more shots on goal.

It's surprising because Liverpool seldom 'park the bus' in front of the goal and with so much emphasis on attack last season, it is really surprised to see this piece of statistic. Of course, this superiority didn't count in our 'Goals Conceded' column as we indeed, conceded more than Chelsea.

Here are more for your information:

Goals to shots ratio

Aston Villa 17.57%
Arsenal 15.64%
Tottenham Hotspur 15.53%
Everton 15.24%
Manchester United 14.63%
Birmingham City 14.60%
Chelsea 14.32%
Manchester City 13.93%
Newcastle United 12.53%
Liverpool 12.52%
Reading 12.35%
Middlesbrough 12.25%
Blackburn Rovers 11.88%
Portsmouth 11.68%
West Ham United 10.97%
Bolton Wanderers 10.62%
Fulham 10.35%
Sunderland 10.06%
Wigan Athletic 9.37%
Derby County 6.94%

Shooting accuracy

Manchester United 47.53%
Everton 46.81%
Tottenham Hotspur 46.12%
Birmingham City 45.40%
Aston Villa 44.80%
Manchester City 44.27%
Arsenal 43.97%
Bolton Wanderers 43.95%
Blackburn Rovers 43.94%
Chelsea 43.83%
Middlesbrough 43.02%
Newcastle United 42.90%
Fulham 41.96%
Derby County 40.28%
Liverpool 40.00%
West Ham United 39.95%
Reading 39.76%
Portsmouth 38.93%
Wigan Athletic 38.84%
Sunderland 38.27%


Doctor of Manliness said...

I'm friends with a guy who scored 4 goals against Manchester United in the late 1960's. Ron Davies, ever hear of him?

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