Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Football Anecdotes

I'm sure most of you would be interested in this. Behind the scenes of all those men in jerseys playing football are some amusing and even... puzzling stories of their lives and their behaviour. Some might not be all that surprising but here are some classics:

Jason McAteer:

He was locked out of his own porsche, Neil 'Razor' Ruddock asked him to get a coat hanger and try to smash the window. Jason came back with a wooden one.
According to former Blackburn team-mates, Jason's greatest moment came on a squad night out to an Italian restaurant. Asked by the waitress whether he wanted his pizza cut up into eighths, McAteer is alleged to have replied, "Nah, I'm not that hungry - just cut it into four."
In another possibly apocryphal (that means it might be made up, Jason) story, McAteer is reckoned to have asked a Liverpool team-mate what to put in the space marked 'Position In Company' on a credit card application form. According to legend, the source of McAteer's confusion was that "I'm a central midfielder but the boss is playing me at right wing-back.
Jason calls his best friend "a deep thinker - he could easily be a
news reporter". Jason's best friend is Phil Babb

Bobby Robson:
Bobby Robson when at Newcastle, said to his board he wanted to sign 'that black player from Wilmbledon'.
He meant Jason Euell, but he got Carl Cort
Bryan Robson come down for breakfast while with England, Bobby Robson says 'Morning Bobby'
Bryan ' No boss, you're Bobby, I'm Bryan
Reporter to Newcastle's Shola Ameobi: 'Do you have a nickname?'
Ameobi: 'No, not really'
Reporter: 'So what does Bobby Robson call you?'
Ameobi: 'Carl Cort.'
Sir Bobby is signing copies of his autobigraphy in a bookstore in Newcastle. A kid patiently queues for ages to get his book signed. When he gets to the front of the queue Sir Bobby asks him his name and starts to sign his copy....

Kid: "So, have you signed a lot of books today Mr Robson."

Sir Bobby: "Hundreds son, absolutely hundreds."

Outside the shop the kid opens his copy of the book to read what the legend has written............"To Jimmy, Best Wishes From Bobby Hundreds."!!!!

Other Classics:
A french left back from Monaco going to meet Spurs for transfer talks, he finished the talks and Spurs are convinced they have got their man, they even pay for his taxi when he says he wants to go for a ride around town. Turns out he went down the road and had talks with Arsenal and ended up signing for them and playing in midfield, striking up a good partnership with Vieira. The player was Manu Petit.
In 1978, after Kieth Burkinshaw signed Ardilles and Villa, the story was that at training at Tottenham Burkinshaw would hold up the ball, motion kicking it and point to the goal whilst saying, "Ball, kick, kick ball, goal". Eventually Ardilles and Villa become fed up with this so one of them says to Burkes, "It's alright boss, we speak English" whereupon Burkinshaw replies, "I'm not talking to you two..."
The story about AC Milan scouts watching an exciting black young fella playing for Watford in the Eighties, the f**king clowns signed Luther Blisset for 1 million, while John Barnes went on to havea brilliant career at Liverpool.
Pre-season at Liverpool when Souness was in charge & all the players come in for weigh-in.

Souness looks at Jan Molby, and asks him how heavy he is. "fourteen stone, boss" replies Molby and walks across the room to be weighed. Steps up on the scales and the physio announces that he is in fact sixteen stone.

"F**k's sake" shouts Souness, "you only walked the length of the room".
David Beckham was being interviewd around the time of the 98 World Cup (possibly after his sending off) and was asked by the interviewer "Do you consider yourself to be a volatile player?" To which Beckham replied "Yes, cause I can play down the right or in the middle.
Few years back, Bolton's new def midfielder Ivan Campo. Anyway he fills in his tax return for his first period and they write back to him saying we can't process these without some form of photo id. Well, he'd scored the weekend before and was on the back page of the Bolton evening news heading home the winner........he cut this out with an arrow pointing to his curly locks heading the ball home saying "this is me"

Hope you enjoyed it ;)


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