Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos of 'Kop Comes to Asia'

Hello guys! Long time since I've updated. I'm sure many of you are here looking and scouring for the 'Kop Comes to Asia' photos and sorry for the delay. It was my honour to attend the game on Sunday and though I wasn't one of those fans that went round Singapore chasing them, many of those photos could be found in their official website and Facebook account.

Anyway here are some of the pictures taken by my friends that were there with me and as well as some shots from the official site. So sit back and enjoy!

I thought this was a nice shot

View from my position...and love the scarves and all

I'm the one in Liverpool shirt ;)

That's Rafa

And Kuyt!

And Alonsooooo!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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