Thursday, September 14, 2006

Help The Poor Men....


There were controversies again during last night's Champions League matches involving the two British teams, I meant ManYoo and Celtic of course, Arsenal...African? Okay anyway first thing first look at the following two videos:

Conclusion: Van Persie Dived. Ryan Giggs Dived. What are they gonna do about it? Nothing, continue to cheat. What are the referees gonna do? Nothing, continue to be blinded. All I can do is, sit here and write about this. How pissed.

Ballack Can't Afford A House In London!

Michael Ballack says he can't afford a house in London, despite earning more than £6million a year at Chelsea.

The Germany skipper has moaned about property prices in the capital, despite the fact he's paid a whopping £130,000 a week by the Premiership champions.

Ballack moved to Stamford Bridge from Bayern Munich on the summer on a lucrative Bosman free transfer.

But according to The Daily Star, he's told a German newspaper that his huge income still doesn't enable him to get his dream house.

He's believed to have initially set his heart on a six-bedroom home with a pool, either in the capital or near Chelsea's training ground in Cobham, Surrey.

But after being told it would cost him a cool £4million, he settled for renting instead.

He said: "London is extremely expensive. It's better to rent. My family and I have found a house in Wimbledon."

Ballack also complained about the number of speed cameras on British roads.

But he added: "Luckily I have found out where they all are near me."

Drogballs: So, the whinging disease spread on from Mourinho to Ashley Cole and now another new signing, Michael Ballack, caught it as well, how unfortunate, MUST BE ARSENAL'S FAULT. Sometimes you wonder other then playing football what else do they do and do these footballers suffer from depression or something. They complain non stop about things and I must say, just stuff those roubles into your mouth will ya.

Rafa Offers Olive Branch To 'The Special One'

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has extended the hand of peace to Chelsea counterpart Jose Mourinho ahead of their Premiership meeting on Sunday.

The two managers' relationship has been strained since Liverpool defeated Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final two years ago on their way to winning the competition for the fifth time.

It further deteriorated last season, most notably when Jose Reina was sent off for pushing Arjen Robben after a theatrical dive from the Dutchman.

Benitez had previously claimed that Chelsea were "scared" of Liverpool after the two sides drew in the Champions League group stages, prompting Mourinho to demand "more respect" after Chelsea went nine points clear at the top of the table by thrashing Liverpool 4-1 at Anfield a few days later.

The frosty relationship was further underlined after Liverpool's victory in this season's Community Shield, after which Benitez neglected to shake Mourinho's hand.

"I was on the pitch from the last whistle until the moment Liverpool received the cup," complained Mourinho.

Benitez had apparently been riled by Mourinho's failure to greet him before the game, but insists he is holding no grudges in advance of this weekend's game.

"We'll go down there and be his guests on Sunday," said the Liverpool manager.


Anonymous said...

Come on, diving is part and parcel of soccer nowadays. We just have to get on with life. The referees just have to be more alert...

P.S. Ballack's still trying to adapt to his stay at England. A house for 4 milliom pounds... So expensive...


Drogballs said...

But I still don't get why we're in this current age with technology so advance, we still have to watch in shock and horror on the TV, replayed 101 times and they do nothing about it.

Haha so you mean he didn't even save 4m pounds all his years of playing for Bayern and Leverkusen? Bollocks! haha