Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Money Doesn't Make Everything Goes Round..

Barca Took Up Sponsor Finally, But With No Money Involve

I would like to dedicate this post to my favourite Spanish team, Barcelona. It's more like I dislike Real Madrid more than anything, but they've done something that I think everyone that loves football should stand up and applaud them. We all know that Barcelona is one of the VERY few teams that doesn't have a sponsor on their shirt because it's some sort of their practice and yesterday, they appeared in the Champions League game against Levski Sofia with something we've not seen before, a sponsor on their blue and red stripe shirts.

Upon closer look, it was UNICEF's (United Nations Children's Fund) logo. I was pretty pleased to say the least, that a team like Barca is promoting stuffs like this with the influence they have and their efforts of making this world a little better. Searched around and apparently, they have agreed to donate 0.7% of their annual income to the fund for the next five years.

In this world of football, where money runs the game, it's a nice touch from those at Barca and perhaps, there are still a good bunch somewhere. I salute you.

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