Monday, October 16, 2006

'Keepers Get Pwned..

Last week, Paul Robinson was made to look like an absolute fool with that air kick. Then last weekend, goalkeepers grabbed the headline once again but with different reason.

They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. But think again, after watching the Chelsea vs Reading game over the weekends. Chelsea lost two goalkeepers in the match unfortunately and one of them nearly get KOed by that kick. As they say, Cech was lucky to survive that kick from Hunt.

Accidental or on purpose? You'll have to be the judge:

Petr Cech's Injury:

Carlo Cudicini's Injury:

To me, they looked just like accidents. Football is a contact sports and it's not surprising that there will be things like this happens. But to be fair, the videos are inconclusive and I can't be very sure whether my guess of it being incidental is right. But obviously in the Cech's one, the Reading player did tried to pull his leg away.

Cudicini one was more of an accident. Both went for the ball and unfortunate for the Italian, he was on the receiving end.

Even without two goalkeepers, Chelsea still went on to win. And guess what, Frank Lampard's deflected goal. Didn't deflect once but TWICE. He must have gained some level and now has mastered the art of deflection.


Ace Cowboy said...

How did Cech get hurt so bad? Cudicini's looked much worse, yet he seems to be in much better shape. I thought both were unintentional products of hard play. Cech's injury could have been avoided, but it definitely wasn't terribly purposeful from the looks of it.

Also, Mourniho's comments were hysterical -- something like "I don't know if he's Catholic or not, but he should come to my Portuguese Fatima for some prayers." Classic Jose.

How about Juan Pablo Angel's day for Villa?! The guy missed a penalty and scored an own goal in about two minutes time...great stuff. Gareth Barry saved him a week of hatred.


I saw the replay on TV from another angle and it was bad. His head hit the floor at a high velocity and it was frightening. Yea, but heard Cudicini could be back by the weekends.

Looks like he's gonna get in hot soup again for his comments. The FA are investigating and he's gonna be on the receiving end.

Oh yea great idea. Will try to find the videos. :0