Wednesday, October 18, 2006

On The Various Issues...

Chelsea Screaming 'Blue' Murder

As I've covered previously, the injury caused by Reading on Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini are already blown out of porportion with Chelsea insisting on some issues like the ambulance who came late and the report they wanted to send to the FA regarding their 'treatment'. What a farce. An unfortunate incident turned into an oppotunity for Jose Mourinho & co. to whine about how everyone hates them and their self-pity on the news conference were there for everyone to see. 'Oh the ambulance team hates us and the referee hates us'.

It came just at a nice time when Chelsea are about to play their toughest fixture thus far against regining European champions, Barcelona and will be without the two keepers. So in an attempt to deflect all the pressure, Jose used this opportunity to incite the feelings of the Chelsea fans and also leaving a back door for himself if they fail to beat Barcelona this time round.

It's just ridiculous and farcical. I don't know what's the deal with those words he said about the ambulance coming late and stuff. If he is well and truly lying, then I think he's the saddest man on earth. An attention seeking manager who wants all the eyes to be fixed on him.

What about the report that they will be handling to the FA after the Barcelona game? It's just so Chelsea that when things don't go their way, they'll make a mountain out of a molehill. Firstly, they'll question the decision of the referee over the two challenges that injured Cech and Cudicini. From THEIR point of view, of course they're blinkered and think that it was on purpose and everyone hates them.

The man who cried wolf over and over again for the past few years, do you still believe his stories? After the incident involving the referee that had to retire after being accused by Jose, I think most football fans just takes him as a wind up merchant and attention seeking wh*re. I can't wait to see that the FA proved that everything he said were lies and how he'll then react.

Henry's 'Hand Ball'

If UEFA or FIFA needs a more concrete evidence for introducing video technology into the game of football, then last night will be the case. From what I saw, there's no way Theirry Henry could've handled the ball and scored the equaliser. But the referee saw what we all didn't and can't see as he awarded CSKA Moscow a free kick, disallowed the Henry goal and wait for it, giving Henry a yellow card!

I'm still not quite sure how video technology could be implemented, but if you guys wanna share your views, you're welcomed and I might do a post on this after I've thought through the possibilities and done some studies on video refereeing.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunate, looked as if he didnt do it and frankly he doesnt need to as Henry relies on his pure ability, but I'm glad as it quiets down the Gooner fans who bleat on about their wonderful team. Oh, I'm still hurting from Wenger's words about us in the Champs League, through jealousy. Just waiting now for a Man Utd spanking and an easy defeat for Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Oh, as for Maureenio, he doesnt half bleat on about his players. It was a bad collision with Hunt but nothing malicious and he blows it like a grenade. Bad as it was, and Cudicini's drop, but it was just one of those things that happened. I hope it takes their focus off the title.


Yup, I remembered that too. But shi*t happens in football and no point blaming the referees. Every team had their fair share of sh*t decisions and just gotta live with it until video technology actually comes into the picture.

And him, just trying to draw all the focus to him. Chelsea looked damn good against Barca though..