Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, we all know how good Lionel Messi is and maybe we're lucky that when Liverpool faced Barcelona a month or so back, Messi just returned from an injury and he wasn't at his best when he faced up with Arbeloa and Carragher.

But we should be thankful or he might do something like this:

And the team might have no place to bury their heads in. The 4 players who tried to stop him looked absolutely powerless as he weaved around, avoided a sliding tackle, rounded the keeper and finishing it with his weaker foot at an awkward angle.

Reminds you of a certain Argentinian great isn't it? No, no, not Veron or Pellegrino....


Ace Cowboy said...

Sick goal...I wonder if he celebrated like Maradona, going back to the hotel and doing tons of blow with hookers.

patrick said...

It would be rude not to