Friday, April 27, 2007

Remember Their Names

Young Reds Win 2nd Consecutive FA Youth Cup

Hansen, Roberts, Spearing, Threlfall, Darby, Burns, Ryan, Woodward, Putterill, Flynn, Lindfield, Ajdarevic, Irwin, Barnett, Mimms, Highdale, Parsonage.

These are just some names you might need to remember. Because they might just be our future Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. For the second consecutive season, the Liverpool youth team have once again lifted the FA Youth Cup trophy and done us proud.

They might not all be making the grade and break into the Liverpool squad but it's definitely a night to remember from the kids, whom some of them have been born and bred scouse and together for the past 10 years.

Credit to Steve Heighway, who is in charge of the Academy and is responsible for grooming and watching after the likes of Michael Owen, David Thompson, Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

And the Heighway men marched on.

As a long servant for the club, Heighway has definitely gave his best to Liverpool and yesterday, he openly admitted that he'll not be at the post 2 weeks from now. Probably due to differences in ideology with boss, Rafa Benitez, or even retiring from football totally. The win was for him.

A fatherly figure to the youngsters, who easily turn astray and influenced, he deserve all credit and his eye for talent is never doubted. His last words was certainly an encouraging one for all Liverpool fans as he said 'Jay Spearing is gonna make it to the first team, no doubt'.

Perhaps he sees something in captain, Spearing, like he did on Carragher. Not the best built footballers out there, Spearing certainly does inspire confidence and a great leader on the pitch. He does remind me of our dear ol' Sammy Lee, who's short, stout but yet a brilliant footballer.

With our American co-owner, Tom Hicks, in the stands, he'll now rest assured with the future of the club as the youths does prove that they're probably the best bunch in the land.

Despite trailing 2-1 to Man Utd at Anfield, the Reds (yellow) went to Old Trafford, full of confidence and with the help of a ridiculous rule of 'no away goals', Liverpool triumphed on penalties just like their seniors did last year in Cardiff and 2005 at Istanbul.

Certainly a mold of future Liverpool stars with a stroke of luck and some inspired performers.

Without star goalkeeper, Martin Hansen, Dave Roberts took over his glove and was perhaps one of the heroes of the night with some vital stops and penalty saves.

With the Liverpool first team losing to Chelsea previously, it certainly bring a little joy to the Anfield faithful and perhaps, they should look to their juniors for some inspiration next Tuesday.

Trailing Chelsea 1-0, bringing the tie back to Anfield might help and could the Reds overturn the deficit and go on to Athens? It's going to be an uphill task but how many comebacks have we mustered over the past 3 seasons? If we did it before, let's do it again!

It's brilliant to win the FA Youth Cup certainly,



psychohare said...

u know i wasnt surprised by the scoreline, after all the boys did play alot better than mancs at Anfield, and like McGuinness, mancs U18 boss said “We showed a lack of experience,” he said. “The Liverpool lads are older and more mature. They played like a professional team whereas we were more like schoolboys.”


We gotta thank Steve Heighway for bringing us Carra, Owen and Gerrard. One top class player in each portion of the pitch.
This time we have 2 youth cup winning teams instead of 1, will we get 6 top class players instead? lets hope they develop well!


How they'll develop and mature from now on is quite important but I really do see one or two of them making an impact in the first team perhaps in next season's pre-season training.

Like Lindfield actually broke into the pre-season team and scored at Wrexham and I actually have high expectation from him.

Spearing, Threlfall, Ajdarevic, Ryan, Darby and Putterill are certainly the stars while not forgetting, ADAM HAMILL!

Oh and Paul Anderson...

J said...

things are looking good for then stevie and carra and the rest of hte senior squad retires. =D
one of hte most importnat things in a club is a good youth system to replace the retiring players *nods*
i'm glad our youth looks in good form and potential =D
will have to start following them more closely!