Thursday, May 31, 2007

On The Backfoot Again

The day when ManYoo clinched the deal of Owen Hargreaves, Anderson and Nani for a total cost of 50million GBP, Rafa speaks about being excited over the double swoop...... of two Hungarian youngsters nobody heard of.

The constant preaching from Rafa Benitez about how we should seal off deals as soon as possible seemed to have fallen on deaf ears and I as a fan, am getting impatient. I do not know whether they are just waiting for the right time or letting their incompetency affect the entire club.

Rumours of Rafa Benitez handling in official resignation is probably just one of the many rubbish you'll hear all summer but as it stands, maybe even Rafa himself is can't stand it anymore. Is the cash promised still not released? Are we still talking to players but not doing anything?

We do not know how it works in the boardroom but seriously, if all we can get excited about is 2 Hungarian youngsters, then I think it speaks volume about the ambition of the club. After years of signing second or third choice players, can we afford to waste further time and fall further behind?

Is it another summer where we speculate about David Villa, Carlos Tevez and Fernando Torres and all we'll get is Darren Bent and Kevin Doyle? Are we going to sign Matthew Taylor instead of David Silva or Simao?

I'm sick of this already. If this is what we want, then prepare for another few barren years. Not as if we had enough. Please sort it out.


panji.semirang said...

yeah that worries me the most. i even heard that we were trying to sign distin from man city. Distin? WTF? Rafa has been busy recruiting youth player. It might be good or not. I bet most of the player would end up sold. Paul Anderson should be given a couple of run in the first team. I was hoping that to happen.

But our priority now is a first choice signing. If the first list are the likes of Bent, Taylor, Distin etc. Then hell we have to wait another 10 years or more for the premiership title.

psychohare said...

i dunno whats the big fuss about mancs buying anderson and dani, to be honest i never heard of them...
well the same thing for the hungarian pair... somehow it's eerily similar to the pongolle-le tallec situation a couple years ago... im not putting my hopes too high on this one.
well we already got Lucas... although mancs got those 2 Portuguese and hargreaves... o well... lets hope something big happens soon.

Anonymous said...

Calm Down!

We only just finished our season last week.

Yeah Rafa wants to get in early but you can't do that much in a week.

We've all become so impatient nowadays.

I suspect that Rafa wants to know how much he can bid now to get the process underway rather than actually finalising signings just yet.


panji: Indeed, you brought up Distin and why are we going for Distin? Matty Taylor? Leighton Baines? Are those players really going to improve the team? Nah...

psychohare: Nani is touted the next Ronaldo and I've seen him, seemed promising. Anderson is the apparent heir of Ronaldinho but I've never seen him so it's not fair for me to judge. If you trust FM07 then he's the next best thing.

anon: I know I seldom write these sort of post but it really gets on my nerves.

If we drag on more we are really going to lose out and fall further behind, I'm pretty damn sure.

I hope something happens soon. Don't tell me we're about as impotent in the transfer market as we are on the pitch.

Anonymous said...


well there's a line in the article:

"The manager has succeeded, with his usual painstaking effort, in coaxing at least two “top-class targets” to the verge of joining Liverpool, only to have to keep them waiting while superiors dally."

Hmm i wonder who these 2 players are.. Hopefully it's not the 2 hungarian players who were announced XD

Well as for rafa saying that he's excited over the 2 new players i guess it's just a matter of PR.. u cannot expect a manager to say things "ah, they're so so, let's see how they perform." to the press with regards to new purchases.

Anonymous said...

ive never seen such a stupid and negative piece of drivvle on this blogg.

our main targets are in the spanish league, which still has not finished!!!!

we can not go signing players from barca or atletico or valencia yet as it would surely unsettle them for the last 2 games!

im so suprised i have not used expletives in this post, but calm down dears, we wernt after nani or anderson or hargreaves, so let man u do thier business, and we will do ours (when the spanish league finishes)


rant over!
thanks YNWA