Friday, June 01, 2007

You Don't Say.... Part One

After every season, we look back to the things that happened and we sometimes, laughed at it. Sometimes, we cry about it. Good goals make us feel a little happier inside but the best thing to do especially after a season is none other than looking back at the quotes made by various players and managers.

Nothing better to look back and see who had their faces dirtied by eggs or got fat because of too much 'humble pie'.

* "A select group? The champions will come from a select group of one" - Peter Kenyon

* "I haven't laughed so much since Ma caught her tits in the mangle" - Ken Bates responds to Chelski's accusations of racism.

* "That's what he said. We wouldn't make it up" - The Leeds United website, after hacks phoned up to ask if Bates' quotes were accurate.

* "Makelele is not a football player, Makelele is a slave - Jose Mourinho's verdict on the Chelski midfielder's France call-up despite his 'international retirement'.

* "He reminds me of the sort of players 15 or 20 years ago. He looks like a Seventies player with his haircut" - Chris Coleman hails Jimmy Bullard, just days before everyone's favourite midfielder was ruled out for the season.

* "If there was a possibility of signing Titus Bramble, I would do it right now. He is a quality defender" - Jim Magilton

* "I had a bust-up with Schmikes (Peter Schmeichel) once. He was towering over me and we're eye to eye. I'm looking up and thinking 'If he hits me, I know I'm dead'. The other players were almost covering their eyes" - Sir Alex

Stay tune for more on 'You Don't Say'.

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