Friday, June 22, 2007

Are You Worried?

Do you stop by daily? Do you have NewsNow on your internet browser all the time? Do you read only the sports section of the newspaper despite all that appears are rumours and more rumours? Do you ask a friend to help you look out for transfer news while you're away for a holiday? Do you drop by a Liverpool FC forums more than 3 times a day?

If you say yes to any of the questions then yes, you're anxious and pretty much as worried as I am. Regarding the so called 'summer clear out' and 'big money spending', all I can sense now is the calmness and overall lethargic feeling when it comes to Liverpool and the transfer market.

As a club that went into 2 European Cup finals in 3 years, why aren't we making the headlines and creating storms? If the American owners really back Rafa with the spending then what's going on at the moment? Talks? Bargaining? Wheeling and dealing?

We've gotten our hopes high earlier on when the American owners took over and we all expect a wholesale change to the team. With money, the rotating doors of Anfield seemed to have set in motion yet after almost a month since the disappointing defeat at Athens, it seemed like nothing has happened.

Samuel Eto'o, David Villa, David Silva, Gabriel Milito and even Thierry Henry. These are just some of the many names linked with us thus far. While some are feasible, most are just absurd and most probably created by tabloid newspapers to get fans like you and me excited, but for no reason.

Recently, posters are seen posting about us doing a double swoop on Fernando Torres and that we have officials over in Spain for discussion since the Spanish La Liga season has finally wrapped up last Sunday.

But nothing, from then on.

Then we're linked with players such as Darren Bent, Yossi Benayoun and Diego Forlan. Yes, Diego Effing Forlan, the ManYoo reject and flop. If we're really looking into players such as him then we really need to question the ambition of the board and also Rafa's judgment.

He might not be too bad of a player in the Spanish League, we've seen how he failed to set England alight in the 2 seasons at ManYoo and why should we pick up scraps from a rival's table? We should aim higher.

Yossi Benayoun? Probably an Israelite that might bring us to the Promised Land but 40 years is a bit too long.

I'm typing with much contempt, feeling disappointed yet hopeful. I'm desperate to see what the board and Rafa has in store for Liverpool FC but now, it seemed like we're losing all our top targets and we're moving too slow.

Before we know it, Rafa might once again throw a tantrum and leave. That's the worst I fear.

Come on, do something. It's getting tiresome already. Show us the ambition. Don't just talk, we need to see it happen.

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Elia said...

No one saw Lucas coming to Anfield until the deal actually happened.Maybe things are in the works but under a tight lid,I can only hope.

Henry to Barca is great news.I can only hope Barca are now willing to part ways with Eto'o(fingers crossed).So maybe in all of this that patience might actually pay off.

One things for sure Liverpool is not Chelsea and will not pay over the top for players.Malouda's price tag is now at around 17mil? I doubt Rafa will go that high for him.

With all that being said.It is a bit worrying that we haven't signed any significant name yet.