Friday, June 22, 2007

TRC's Liverpool Player Of The Year Award

3 weeks ago, I ended the seasonal team review with players from each position reviewed. Rounding it off, I put up a poll for you, my beloved fans, to vote for who you think deserves the player of the year/season award and I just want to say a big thank you to whoever that has participated. Multiple votes or not I couldn't care less but thanks for your support through it all!

Anyway here's the result and unsurprisingly, club captain, Steven Gerrard is the most popular vote on here and although the margin between him and second placed, Pepe Reina, isn't that big, it's essential to see that the efforts and hard work put in my the skipper didn't go unnoticed.

To me, he didn't play as well as he did in the 2005/06 season in which he scored 23 goals in a season, albeit most of them again some bit part teams like TNS or Kaunas. This term, he continues to be pushed to the right flank by Rafa and didn't seem to impose as much authority as he should.

But a born and bred scouser, he has already found a place in each and every Liverpool fan's heart with his all-action style and 'grabbing by the scruff of the neck' game changing powers. Despite nearly moving to recent rivals, Chelsea, he just signed a new 5 year contract along with the likes of Jamie Carragher and Xabi Alonso.

But to my surprise, Pepe Reina is the second most voted player in the player of the year vote as he holds 53 votes, compared to Gerrard's 57. Only a meagre 4 votes separates the two.

In third place, the uncompromising Jamie Carragher with 49 votes and then another surprise package, Daniel Agger, with 15% of the votes. The ever 'away-from-the-limelight' Steve Finnan is 5th while both Crouch and Kuyt covers the two bottom spot respectively.

From the votes, we could see the trend that Liverpool does have a pretty impressive backline with most of the defenders having a decent season but we need to score the goals and attackers need to be more consistent and deliver the goods.

A total of 252 votes are taken into account.

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Elia said...

Carragher was my player of the year.No doubt!