Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fixture List For 2007/08

Probably a bit late but I think it's important for fans and writers to analyse the fixture list. We've seen how important a good fixture list is to a club like how Man United got a pretty decent first 4 to 5 games and once they got their momentum on, they started to steamroll over teams.

So instead of doing a research on only Liverpool, I'll widen the scope and look at all the big 4 clubs.


vs Fulham (H)

vs Blackburn (A)

vs Man City (H)

vs Portsmouth (H)

vs Tottenham (A)

It's a pretty decent run in starting with Fulham, whom we all know, looked the most likely to be the whipping boys in the Premiership 'old boys' group. But there are also tricky trips to Ewood Park as well as an early visit to rivals, Spurs' White Hart Lane. Portsmouth might also pose a threat although Arsenal might feel happy enough to start off with a home game.


vs Birmingham (H)

vs Reading (A)

vs Liverpool (A)

vs Portsmouth (H)

vs Aston Villa (A)

On paper, looked a little easier than Arsenal's with them welcoming Premiership new boys, Birmingham, to Stamford Bridge in the openning game. Although the game against Liverpool is a little too early for anyone's liking, it's still finely poised and if the Blues can overcome the Reds early on, it might give them the extra boost they need for the title race.


vs Aston Villa (A)

vs Chelsea (H)

vs Sunderland (A)

vs Derby (H)

vs Portsmouth (H)

It's always not the best to start off the season away from home especially Liverpool's tendency to be so absolutely tosh away from home. But it's always a good thing to play the 2 new teams early on although I'm not suggesting they will be all easy 3 points.

The Chelsea game early on is a good test for the team as both teams will be fresh and eager and it'll probably be a test of the quality of the squad.

And I notice what a horrid fixture Portsmouth has at the beginning of the season....


vs Reading (H)

vs Portsmouth (A)

vs Man City (A)

vs Tottenham (H)

vs Sunderland (H)

Probably quite an easy run in but like the other clubs, they play their major rival quite early on in the season. The meeting with Man City should be an interesting one while having Spurs and Portsmouth could potentially be banana skins for the defending champions.

I've done the early season run in for the big 4 clubs and looking at the entire fixtures list of our beloved Liverpool FC, here are some important matches to be noted. One day before my birthday, it'll be Liverpool vs Everton, the Merseyside derby. The match is also smacked right in between a visit from Spurs and also a trip down south to face Arsenal.

Then on 15th December, we'll welcome the Red Devils to Anfield.

In early February, the Reds will face off with Chelsea in the reverse fixture and the Blues will be facing Portsmouth prior to the visit and then to White Hart Lane after that. It'll prove to be quite a tough 3 weeks for Chelsea.

And then from late March to early April will be Liverpool's toughest stretch by far with firstly a visit to Old Trafford, then entertaining bitter rivals, Everton and then off to the Emirates to play Arsenal.

But what I'm doing is only speculating and we know that talking football on paper never really works. Whatever happens, we will hope that Liverpool do their best to get maximum points from the first few games and it'll probably enable the team to go an extra mile later in the season.

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