Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Shot Of New Anfield

Well, I just got this picture from icLiverpool site and after close study and comparison, I think the pictures that were leaked few weeks back was indeed the exact design of the stadium.

The one below is the artist impression:

Then these were the ones leaked back in late June:

Yes, they are both the same, as pointed out by our reader, Nick. While searching for the interview with Rick Parry, I stumbled across this video and it was sort of like a tribute to Anfield. It's guaranteed tears and mucus after this video.

Indeed brings back a lot of memories, especially to the older generation. Enjoy!


Elia said...

Great video....Funny coincidence I noticed that HKS are the same people responsible for designing my favorite American football team the Dallas Cowboys new stadium,that's under construction now.It's quite massive 80,000 with room to expand to 100,000 for big events.

Liverpool have a very unique looking stadium which is a good thing.Imagine the atmosphere at Anfield with 20,000 more people.The new Kop is gonna be a scary site for teams.It's going to be amazing.


Yea! I saw the photo of that football stadium in US and I'm impressed. It definitely looks good.

Glad that we broke out of that bowl shape stadium era and start something new. Comparing it to the previous design, this one is way better.