Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Anfield Revealed!

Sorry for the late, late post. I wasn't at home but was excited to see the new design of Anfield. I know you've seen it but let's take a look at it again.

Wow man. JUST WOW! I was so afraid it's going to turn out like your typical prototype of a modern stadium that looks like a toilet bowl made of metal but this is what I'm talking about. This is what we deserve, after years planning and I'm sure Shankly will look down from above with a smile.

Moving out of Anfield will be an emotional one yet it was necessary to compete especially in terms of financial strength. ManYoo's Old Trafford is hitting 80k while Arsenal's Emirates is also a newly built and both clubs are earning much more than Liverpool in a long run.

Design wise, it's still pretty inconclusive at the moment because it doesn't look like the ones that were leaked a month back but I like the look of the Kop, which was supposed to be like a orchestra stage and the fear of the stands being too far away from the pitch is stamped out as it looked pretty much like Anfield's.

Anyway, more updates to follow include photos and videos. Now, I need to get some sleep so good night guys. I'm looking forward to the future!


Nick said...


Just wanted to comment on you saying it doesn't look like the ones leaked a while back - take another look, I think it is definitely the same design

If you compare these two shots you can see the same design at the back of the Kop, and down the side.

Looks awesome.

Great website by the way, keep it up.



Yea, it's confirmed that both are the same design and I'm pleased with that!

Anyway thanks your compliment. Drop by often!