Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Football Clubs Raided!

Well, the police just thought that today's a good day to go have a visit around the country. Below are the reports written by the police after the raids:

Arsenal - At the end of the hallway stood a huge vault with security lock so advance that Transformers would probably struggle to break in. Guess what's in it?

Money, a whole lot of them! Arsene was seen charging in and tried to block the police. So now we know where all the money are...they kept it there.

Also, the police discovered an adoption home for the French/African kids. In good living conditions and the video tapes of Thierry Henry's 100 Best Goals for Arsenal playing on the TV in 'repeat' mode.

Newcastle - Found Freddy Shepherd and Sam Allardyce having a sumptuous breakfast at the charman's office. There were pies and a whole lot of doughnuts.

While barging in, the police was promptly stopped by this group of players called the 'defenders' but they were overran in under 3 seconds. Probably another reason why they leaked goals in a football match as well.

Physio room was full at that time, Michael Owen was seen sitting outside the room yelling 'WHEN IS IT MY TURN?!' while a voice that sounds distinctly like Kieron Dyer shot back at him with some expletive words.

They were still shooting 'Goal!' there as well.....

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