Friday, July 20, 2007

Julien Faubert The Poor Soul...

You would've probably heard about this certain French player named Julien Faubert. I thought his story is pretty interesting.

A few weeks back, before his move to West Ham happened, he was on strike and didn't want to train with his former club, Bordeaux, because they issued him with an ultimatum.

His agent Philippe Sol said: 'Julien was given an ultimatum by Bordeaux: West Ham or nowhere.

'He wanted to go to Rangers and had given them his word. Everything he did last week was about moving to Rangers and he wasn't looking to line up a move anywhere else.

'But there is nothing he could do about the transfer fee and you can understand why Bordeaux wanted to accept the offer from West Ham.'

So, he had no choice but to move to West Ham, who have collected probably the biggest bunch of players likened by everyone (Bellamy, Bowyer, Ferdinand) and now Faubert. His attitude stinks even before he kicked the first ball.

Then the ever big-mouthed French coach, Raymond Domenech, consulted his star signs and decided that it's silly for Faubert to move to West Ham. It's reported on various UK newspapers that he is an 'unspeakable fool' for moving to West Ham.

After all that happens, look what happened.

Poor sod.

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