Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Bitter Man - Neil Warnock

Probably Clutching On Staws

It's hard to find a more hated football manager than former Sheffield United manager, Neil Warnock.

Reputed with a sharp tongue and a brain that is unable to work cohesively (might not be true), he has come up with some classics over the years including the spat with the classy Arsene Wenger.

Like all humans, we all turn to others and always the first to point the finger and blame somebody else.

First of all, he was absolutely livid with West Ham for their Harry Houdini-esque escape from relegation in lieu of his team.

He wasn't pleased with West Ham and alleged that they made illegal payments for the signing of Javier Mascherano and most importantly, Carlos Tevez, whose case is still outgoing at the moment and became the most boring talking point of the entire summer.

As deluded as he is, his club chairman and him appealed to the FA as they truly believe that the result will overturn and that they will be reinstated back to the Premiership.

Fat hope.

Next, he blamed ManYoo and Fergie for letting West Ham snatch a surprise victory at Old Trafford that guaranteed their survival.

If you and your Sheffield U could beat Wigan at home, things wouldn't be so complicated, eh? But too bad, you and your men failed to beat them at Bramall Lane.

Here is the clincher. He bet against Liverpool in the Champions League final after he felt that Rafa and Liverpool betrayed Sheffield U by fielding a weakened side against Fulham, in which the Cottagers won and ultimately saved a place for next season's Premiership.

This is how bitter a man can get. Don't let it get you, Neil. You need some help and should stay away from football as long as possible.

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