Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An Open Letter From Drogballs

Hey guys!

No, this isn't an announcement that I'm a Newcastle fan boy like what that imitator said on the tagboard but just an apology to you fans out there about the lack of updates on the site.

I can find excuses that it's the football off-season and that there isn't any matches on TV but rather it's down to other commitments outside blogging and of course outside football. As I get busier with work and church, I won't be able to give you people constant updates but I assure you that I'll continue to write once in a while when I have the time or there's something I feel like writing.

Here's some key pointers that you people should note:

1) As of next season, I will NOT be covering post match reports for SATURDAY matches as I have commitment on Saturday evenings. Instead, there will still be pre-match and of course, post match THOUGHTS instead.

2) Sunday would still be feasible. I still want to watch football and I still enjoy writing.

3) I will stop writing for a long period of time due to this thing called 'National Service' here in Singapore where I have to serve the nation for 2 years and within that 2 years, God knows how much time I have spare to come back on here to write.

So yes, we're going into transition and there'll be changes but I just want to thank the lot of you for your support for this past year and a half. You people are one reason that kept me writing for so long.

It has been a long journey thus far and I really hope to continue. And now, you'll understand my reasons. Thanks guys!



Anonymous said...

thanks great site

pund said...

Keep up the good work.
Big fan of your blog.
Have a good time in national service and church work!
:pund, norway

Elia said...

Well it's been fun! I remember way back when you had the WAGS poll.Good times:) Best of luck to you.

Any advice on a players for my fantasy league team.Any help would be much appreciated.

BTW whats the National Service?.....just curious

take care peace & aloha

ToTaL_koPiTe said...

keep up the good blog lad.may the title this season will be in the KOP hand!!


First of all, thank you guys :)

pund - Will do! Anyway nice to have fans from Norway, home of our Thor Hammer Riise!

Elia - Hey man you're a long time fan I know that :D

Well, I haven't check the latest player list for the Fantasy Football so I ain't aware of the players. Sorry!

Anyway, National Service is like a compulsory 'call of duty' by our country to serve in the army. Any guys above 18 is liable to serve for at least 2 years. The law was passed due to our relatively small population and a need for a deterrent force.

total_kopite - Thanks a lot! I really hope we'll win it this time though I might not even be around to witness it. I couldn't care less though!

Anonymous said...

Great site. Thanks a bunch

Coordination said...

you are the mc of this scene, love what you write. best of luck in...well...whatever it is that you're doing.


Thank you guys for your support. Never seen your comments before but deeply appreciated. :)

Gerrard_Gombak said...

Great Site Bro, Thumbs Up!!