Monday, August 27, 2007

Poor Robbo

It's hard not to find a scapegoat when things goes pear shape. Same goes with football, when you're at your low, they just batter you all the way down, leaving you looking like an absolute clown. Nowadays, it seemed like Paul Robinson has officially taken over as the most laughed-at player in football and with some of his shambolic performance in recent times, it's easy to see why.

I myself don't like to get down on players who plays badly but sometimes, you just got to look at the lighter side of things. Therefore, after viewing THIS thread on the F365 forums, I just HAD to share with you all the brilliant photoshopped products that left me laughing like a mad man with tears in my eyes.

The original photo:

The Photoshopped photos:







Well done, bloody well done!

Credits: F365 forums, as usual :)

1 comment:

psychohare said...

ah hahahahah, spiderRobbo, spiderRobbo.
my fav is the one with the kangaroo though, LOL!