Wednesday, August 29, 2007

RIP Antonio Puerta

In a world of sports, players and sports people are constantly pushed to the limits in terms of physicality and mentality. It's always surprising to see supposed healthy sportsman getting sickness as we all know that actively doing sports is good for healthy.

But in recent times, more and more sports players seemed to succumb to heart problems and only on Sunday, Sevilla and Spanish wing-back, Antonio Puerta, collapsed midway through the game and after 2 days in the intensive care unit, he sadly passed away.

Condolences to his family members. I've personally never seen him play and his name doesn't ring a bell but it's always sad to see a bright and rising star leaving just like that.

In another case, the death of Rhys Davies, the 11 year old kid from Liverpool, has brought two rival clubs together for the same cause tonight. The boy was shot and died a week ago and as an Everton support since birth, the Blues of course did make their own arrangement for his commemoration.

But the respectable thing Liverpool did will be tonight when the Reds face Toulouse in the Champions League qualifier. Players will wear black armbands in remembrance of him while Everton's theme song, Z-Cars, will be played before 'You'll Never Walk Alone' just before the game.

It's a tragic moment which united the hearts of two different camps. Bitterness and hatred might still dwell within the two teams but ultimately, it was for the cause of their city. Two clubs it might be, it's still one city.

Fair play.

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r0cksalt said...

hey..was just googling for some xabi pics but ended up here.. nice to bum into a fellow Liverpudlian in SG!