Monday, September 15, 2008

Hell Yeah!

The above picture speaks a thousand words, really. Can't remember the last time we beat the scums but well, all hoodoos will be broken sooner or later and in this case, 4 long years after Rafa Benitez took charge.

Wasn't able to watch the game so my dear friend from updated me with the live score.

3 minutes in and it's as if the inevitable happens, albeit a little too early. Tevez got ManYoo ahead at Anfield. We who are football fans knows that having a turning point of the game so early in the game could be a boon or even bane for the leading side.

Of course on the hindside, the latter happened as Liverpool completely dominated from then on and we can safely say United bottled it big time. But take nothing away from Liverpool as their hunger and desperation showed throughout and of course, action speaks louder than words. We saw how Mascherano and co. hounded any players in white that has the possession of the ball.

Although all eyes were on Dimitar Berbatov who made his debut for United at Anfield, it was another debutant who caught the fans' eye. It was Albert Riera, who didn't impress anyone including Stuart Pearce during his previous stint at Man City.

But the traditional left winger produced a performance worthy of praise as he weaved past Wes Brown without much trouble and even showed a piece of brilliant skill through a well-timed backheel. His movement and cooperation with Fabio Aurelio was commendable. Seemed like he was around for years.

It was a fantastic results and Rafa will surely want to build on this. But we know how inconsistent Liverpool have been for the past God-knows-how-long so we'll have to see if Liverpool's title credentials are realistic or just another faux pas.


Adrian Morgan said...

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TheDropper said...

So nice to see a fellow liverpool blog! i thought blogging is the best way to get liverpool rantings out of my system coz nobody i know seems to hv the patience to listen to them! :)


Thanks guys. Will drop a comment or two on your blogs ;)

Manchester United Fan said...

It's rather depressing to see Liverpool fans make such a big deal about winning against United.

Ok, they are your arch rivals, but for the love of God! You're here to win the Premiership, not one match (that too at home). And by doing this, you are just showing what a great team United are, in comparison to you.

Yes, Liverpool has been the most successful team in the history of English football. But, what has happened in the past 20-odd years? One Champions League, an FA Cup here and there?

If Liverpool wants to stand up and be counted as an actual threat, it's high time they stopped fighting for 4th place, it's high time they stopped celebrating a home win like its the Premiership and get on and play some football.

And oh, sack Benitez...

Anonymous said...



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