Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who's 'Respecting' Who?

Remember before the new season started, there was a video circulating, promoting the new 'Respect' campaign put up by the English FA. It was to stamp out abuse against the men in black and how the multi-millionaires should listen and be nice to some part timers.

Indeed, I do not condone players surrounding referees hurling abuses or waving imaginary yellow cards. I hate the fact that every time a player commits a foul, his 'comrades' would suddenly stand up and be counted, literally.

But the latest FA decision puts everything into doubt, especially this 'Respect' campaign. John Terry, the great England captain was sent off. He appealed and yea, it was rescinded. I mean, maybe after viewing the replay for the 100th time gave them the idea that it wasn't a red.

But what is absolutely ridiculous is the fact that Mark Halsey, the referee who dared to sent off the great and mighty England thug captain was 'relegated' and won't be officiating in any of the Premiership game this weekend.

So what was that for?

I saw the replay and God, was John Terry an England football captain or is he plying his trade in a wrong sports? It looked every bit like a rugby tackle as he bundled Man City's Jo down. Mind you, Terry is pretty big size if you aren't aware.

Yes, he wasn't the last man. But that was a cynical foul and I thought that by itself is enough to be given a straight red?

So for daring to make the right decision, Mark Halsey was made to pay for sending Terry off. What a sad state of affair. I urge not only the players but the higher authorities as well, to respect the men in black for their decision and not punish them for doing something right just because they're protecting their crown jewel.

Nobody's above the law? Well your status could always buy you a way out apparently.

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