Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chelsea Wins 2nd Consecutive Title, English Disaster, 10 Straight Win For 'Pool !

Chelsea Wins 2nd Title In 50 Years

Chelsea 3-0 ManYoo (Gallas, Cole, Carvalho)
Congratulations to Chelsea, for winning their 2nd only title in 50 years after beating ManYoo 3-0. Although theoretically you could say they 'bought' their title with the 300 odd million pounds, but for 11 superstars to work together in unison is commendable. Credits to Moan-inho, you've done well. But you're getting! As a Liverpool fan, I dont know why i post this, but I should be gracious in finishing behind them (unlike some portugeezer). Hope we'll nick the 2nd spot though!

English Disaster At Hand: Rooney MIGHT Miss The World Cup
Dear oh dear, things seemed to get worst for England eh. Appointing the manager after the WC became quite a fracas, now Wayne Rooney is deemed to be out for around 6 weeks! Which means he MIGHT miss the early part of the World Cup. Mr Eriksson must now gamble on his fitness and decide whether to bring the wonderkid to Germany. I for one hope he's alright for World Cup, because without him, England's slight chance of winning it will go down the drain and
we would have one less player to make us go 'WOW' and watch in awe. So get well soon, although you used to be a bluenose and now a manc.

"Please, please! Pray for meeee!" HAHA.

Liverpool Goes Level On Points With ManYoo After Their 10th Consecutive Win

Liverpool 3-1 Aston Villa
Ah, this match highlights the importance of Steven Gerrard to Liverpool. This season, we proved that we can still do it without our taslimanic skipper, but it is of no harm having him in the team. He'll change the luck and the face of the game as swift as he hit his 2nd goal last night. Brilliant stuff. Liverpool took the lead through Nando Morientes, then took the foot off the gas, and some gash defending from Djimi "Im a CL Final Medalist!" Traore let Aston Villa scored through Gareth Barry, who too should have scored in the 1st half. Sami Hyypia was shaky and not very convincing yesterday, might be due to the number of games he's took part this season.

So when you need alittle inspiration, it has to comef rom the skipper isn't it. First, he scored from a corner and then went on to lash a 40yards striker into the top left corner of Sorensen's goal. GET IN THERE YOU BEAUTYYY! Fantastic results for the reds, as we can put pressure on those Mancs and might be able to pip them for 2nd place! Come on you Reds! We can do it!

Drogballs' Player Ratings:
Reina (7.5) - Had quite a shaky game. His clearance almost got deflected into his own net. But redeemed himself with that save.
Kromkamp (8) - Did well. Solid throughout the game, Not too bad going forward. Good buy!
Carragher (9) - Need I say more? Tower and strength in the defence. Clearance after clearance. Legend in the making!
Hyypia (7) - Shaky, and trying to be a little smart at times. But had a couple of good distributions.
Traore (5) - Oh dear, how on earth is he still in the squad, beggars believe. Can't even pass the ball properly.
Cisse (7.5) - Had a pretty decent game i guess. Gave Bouma lots of trouble.
Gerrard (9.5) - Inspirational skipper.Had a tremendous game. But does disappear for short preiod of time.
Alonso (8) - 2 assists. Class passer of the ball. But apart from that, he didn't hit top form and had some stray passes here and there.
Riise (7) - Ineffective game on wide left. Didn't help having Traore behind him eh?
Crouch (7) - Had an alright game. Showed good technique doing the over-head kick. Quiet.
Morientes (7.5) - Works like a capacitor. Started off brightly with a goal. Then..Nothing......

Updates tonight! See ya!

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