Saturday, May 06, 2006

Struggling To......Find A Suitable Title!

At Edo Sushi...
Yup, went over to TP for dinner with Weekiat, Yuling, Rivand, Weikit and Aaron. Food usual not too bad. Had a good laugh though. Aaron was the main culprit of making us laughing and banging the table. He made a joke out of his inability to use chopstick. Then went on to give some really weird names to all the Sushi dishes, like See-saw...and the "6 sushi with the yellow thing inside". Haha then continue on to talk about their experience working in the banquet. Some really funny stuff there. So weekiat and yuling went off to their date...i think their 10th month anniversary stuff *cough* then we the bachelors went home.

I Bring Forth Terrible News, Hear Ye!

You're not gonna believe the next line. According to reports, EMILE HESKEY will be recalled to the Eng-land squad for World Cup, to replace WAYNE ROONEY. Oh Dear! Although I'm totally not an England fan, i could fully and truly understand their feeling. Hello Sven, England's going to the FOOTBALL World Cup, not the RUGBY World Cup. So why bring Heskey? All he could do is either 1) mis-kick 2) rugby conversion-esque finishing. Things got worst, when the reports stated that...*hold breath* OWEN HARGREAVES is going to the World Cup! Yes, it just got worst.

The "I-Told-You-He-Look-Like-Him" Moment
I told you guys so many times Jonathan Greening looks like don't believe it is..

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