Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Prepare A Rooney-less World Cup...

Club vs Country:
So, again Sir Alex Fergie of Whiskey has got himself into the Club vs Country debate yet again. This time round, its Rooney (ya i know, its getting a little boring now). So Whiskey told Eriksson that its his wishful thinking that Roon is going to the World Cup. But personally, I think he'just being outright selfish. I know, he's Scottish, so he won't give two hoots about England. But this is the wonderkid that his club paid thousands of bucks for him to perform and do the job. Surely, he wouldn't want a half fit Rooney to go to the World Cup, then rupture his whatever metatarsal, then go on to miss a whole chunk of next season, which I believe, is gonna be a real turning point to ManYoo.

ManYoo's Fear:
I foresee ManYoo rebuilding its squad over again and would definately be challenging Chelski for the title next season. Therefore they would surely need this kid to be fit at least for the pre-season trainings, where current players will meet up with new lads, play together and trying to gel up before the seasons starts. After the 0-0 draw with Boro at Old Toilet, I would dare to say Rooney would be the integral part of ManYoo next season, as he is this season.

England's Fear:
What about England you say? It just undermines the lack of depth in the English squad. No Rooney? What now you say. Looking at the list of forward available, I must say it's pretty depressing, even more so when you're an English supporter. Peter Crouch? Darius Vassell? Darren Bent? EMILE HESKEY? Oh dear, I think a 70% fit Rooney is a wee bit better than all added together! So headaches for Eriksson I believe. But we've seen through this Swedish mercernary. He'll pick the same players over and over and over again without looking at their form or whatsoever. So whoever licks his boots the cleanest, should get on to the plane to Germany. Forget Aaron Lennon, he might be a livewire over the last few weeks, but Eriksson would surely take SWP ahead of him. Watch this space. And no matter how bloody well our Jamie Carragher does, he'll pick Rio over him. Look at Rio's form. Even Massimo Maccarone make him looked like a fool. What would you expect from the one with Lost Memories.

What Would England Do?
Since Sir Whiskey is being persimistic about the chance of Roon playing in the Group Stages of the World Cup, what would England do to cope with the loss?

Eriksson's Way:
G Neville Terry Rio A.Cole

Beckham Gerrard Lampard J.Cole


Seen it, heard it here first. All he would do is throw Crouch into Rooney's role and TADAH! See, even i can be an England manager.

Drogballs' Way:
G Neville Carragher Terry A.Cole

Beckham Carrick Lampard J.Cole


That is the cloeset you can get by replacing Rooney's role with Gerrard. Pace, power and tenacity. Michael Carrick doing the defensive midfielder job while letting Lampard roam free like he did at Chelsea. Carragher to replace Rio due to a drop in form from The Forgetful One.

Okay enough of all this stuff that is really none of my business. It's better than me starting on politics and how our General Elections is as exciting as the Premiership........you know who's gonna win anyway, so why compete?

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