Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Steps On How To Make Your Own World Cup Balls

Make Your Own TeamGeist!

Haha, so Sylvia sent me an email on how to make your very own TeamGeist, which is the official World Cup ball. I'm sure it's by kennysia.com, a famous blogger from Malaysia but it's on my email so I shall post it for all of you. It's brilliant and maybe some of you don't know where they got the designs of the ball from. Well, it comes from a very product that is intimate to ladies...shy-ed away from the guys...uhm yea.

Yea, this is how the ball looks like.

The price...it's over-priced to be honest.

That's why kennysia is teaching you the DIY steps.

1. Get a football, any football. Just not those plastic ones you get from the mama store, eh.

2. Paint the ball white. Have to be white!

3. Uhm, yea expect the unexpected. Get a box of kotex.....

4. Stick em on the ball, follow the patterns below.

5. Use a marker or colour pens or whathaveyou, draw it like this. Beware of the Adidas logo though, you might get sued!

6. Do a comparison and last check on the ball. Does it look similar? If yes, then you have successfully made your very own TeamGeist!!

Hahaha fecking brilliant. A work of the genuis, kennysia that is. Credits will be to him of course with his brilliant creativity and taking his time to do up this..informative piece of article. Oh and of course THANK YOU SYLVIA for sending me the email. She asked me to credit her anyway so there you go.

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