Monday, June 26, 2006

Yet Another Referee Blunder....

Note: My nightmare has started, that is my school term starts again and therefore I might not be able to post the latest match updates again until the Semi Finals. But of course I'll keep this site updated so no worries, continue to drop by and THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

21 Fouls, 16 Yellow Cards And 4 Red Cards


Portugal 1 - 0 Netherlands

POR - Maniche (23 min);

Sent Off:

POR - Costinha (45min):

HOL - K. Boulahrouz (62min):

POR - Deco (77min):

HOL - G. van Bronckhorst (90min):

Oh yes, Portugese captain, Luis Figo might also miss the match against England after being caught head-butting Holland's Mark van Bommel.

When he didn't score , he whines. When he loses a game, he cries. When he's substituted, he cries too. When he's being substituted due to injury, HE BLOODY CRIED AGAIN. God, what a crybaby. Even the commentator who's serious most of the time laughed at him being a big wussy. I think we'll see him cry again, this Saturday most presumably and I would love to see that. Oh, there are plenty of chances, I tell ya!

Oh, and how can I ommit this lady below from the hottest WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends). She's Sylvie van der Vaart, wife of Dutch midfielder, Rafael van der Vaart.

One of the most eventful match up this World Cup and is set to be a talking point in years to come, when FIFA decides to make a documentary on the past World Cups. A total of 21 fouls (NOT ALOT, SERIOUSLY) which warrented 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards. I think the Russian referee, Valentin Ivanov clearly lost control of the game and had gone bonkers.

Some of the yellow card offence looked a litle too harsh and it's a joke. How could this happen in a World Cup, and in such an important match, with millions of people viewing. He makes Graham Poll looks competent and Heskey a world class player. It's farcical and the refereeing standards in this World Cup is getting from bad to worst. FIFA, you really need to set things straight NOW and make radical changes, before football is being turned into a game for....Cristiano Ronaldos.

So now Portugal would have to play England in the quater finals without Deco and Costinha. While Cristiano Crybaby Ronaldo might miss the game due to injury and Luis Figo MIGHT be suspended for the head-butt on Mark van Bommel. And with most of their players on a yellow card, they'll be walking on tight-ropes as they will try not to get themselves suspended and have to play safe. This leaves England with a huge advantage and Portugal might find themselves a little stretched, if Ronaldo and Figo are not available.

Quater-Finals #2:

1st July
England vs Portugal

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