Thursday, June 29, 2006

You Could Be Superman, Too.....

Superman Returns...

Aight, so caught the new 'Superman Returns' movie with wk, rivand and a bunch of people whom, I'm not so familiar with over at the brand new Grand Cathay. Don't really anticipate this movie as much as others in the past but I must say that this movie will be one of my all time favourite movies. It was superb in all sense, visuals, sound effects, storyline and also touched me a little. You might read this just like a normal rubbish review from Drogballs, but may this be a little inspiration to people out there, as normal and nerdy as Clark Kent.

I hate to go into the story and spoil it fr you guys, but it's just basically a story on how Mr Superman save the world, his 'super-ness' and also his 'non super-ness'. His strength and weakness lies with love and all this coming from a man who is just, a nerdy reporter who's mild mannered and introverted. Bah, I shall not go on about the story but do catch it as it's brilliant if you have time to spare (its almost 3 hours long) and looking for a little inspiration.

+ Excellent CGI, sound effects and the acting isn't too shabby either. Clark Kent surely will melt lady's heart and Lois is stunningly gorgeous. Ah, if they're not then they would not have been in a movie anyway.

+ Character development. The movie wasn't too rushed in the beginning and explained much things clearly, from the opinion of a guy whom have never watch Superman, Smallville or even the comics. You could feel the pain when Superman got owned and got a little kick around from the Russian gangsters.

+ Witty one liners! It's alright to put in some lines that makes people have a laugh at it and it actually made the movie a little more enjoyable and bearable due to the draggy nature of the movie.

+ Story. Might not be the best and might not beat Spiderman movies, but it's good enough I think. It makes you feel that you're IN the movie and I was deeply immersed in the movie before it was too late to realised...I missed the last train home.....This is one of those Superhero movies that actually featured so much action and drama in it. Brilliant.

+ Draggy. It's hard to pick out the negatives of this movie. Oh well maybe I'm not picky enough, or I'm just not good enough to write this reviews, but one thing I must comment about is the length of the movie. The ending was not concise and went dragging and dragging and I felt like I was watching LOTR: Return of the King once again.

I contemplated on placing ' Unrealistic' under the Negatives. But since this is a Superhero movie, not much stuff's gonna be realistic anyway right? How on earth did Lois survived when she was toss around like a doll in that aircraft? Nevermind about that, it''s a fantastic movie and a good one for those comic junkies. If you hae 3 hours to spare, there you go, you WON'T regret this.

To All Of You...

Have you ever wondered why Superman has been portrayed as an introvert, a nerd with 4 eyes (wearing spectacles that is) and always so shy? Well, it's because there are a lot among us are what he's being portrayed in the movies. You feel that you're powerless and you're nothing. Maybe you're a nerd, maybe a timid person like I am, an introvert or even a really shy person that still lacked the courage to do what you think is right.

Why not, be a superman (or woman) to the very someone. He/she might say 'I don't need a superman' like Lois did in the movie, but what he/she says might not mean what he/she thinks. He/she might not appreciate you, might not have noticed you yet or even see you differently, but why not be there for that person always and do whatever you can for that person just so that you could be the difference in that person's life. You might be an insignificant someone in this big world, but you could still make a difference. That is IF you want to take up the challenge or not. It's never gonna be easy you know, but it might just turn out to be alright.

Okay, hope you guys get a little inspiration from this, or maybe you would laugh at me for being stupid. Ah, whatever the cause, this is what the movie's trying to tell you and that the most insignificant things in the world, could still make the ultimate difference.

And the problem with me now is, I can inspire you, but I can't inspire myself to do it. I guess I'll just be what I am, because not everyone could be a superhuman after all. I'm tired. So I shall find my rest now. Good night people. Early school tomorrow. Back to Clark Kent I guess.

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