Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mourinho In 'I-Spout-Rubbish' Shocker

Chelski boss Jose Mourinho fears his star-studded squad could suffer a disastrous start to the new season due to their World Cup exertions.

The Premiership champions have just returned to England after a pre-season tour of the USA but Mourinho believes his squad will require as many as seven games before they are able to match their domestic rivals.

Following the 1-0 defeat to the MLS All Stars on Saturday, Mourinho complained to The Sun: "After our first friendly match you can see we're still far behind and not ready for the new season.

"It's disturbing but that is the truth. We are paying for contributing more players to the World Cup.

"My players were heavy, slow and not sharp. I am disturbed but we have to work hard and play more friendlies. We will need up to seven more games to begin to find our range - it's that bad."

"Because we had so many players at the World Cup, we start at a disadvantage to every other club. Other people have had matches, but I have had just 12 days to prepare my players to compete against a team such as Arsenal, who have had many weeks."

Drogballs: Oh, why don't you just shut the hell up, Mourinho. I'm getting sick and tired of the whining Portugese and sometimes it's as if he can't sleep at night if he didn't make a controversial statement or have a dig at rival clubs. It's getting a little embarassing, really.

I'm not an Arsenal fan so of course. But I shall just say that this pr*ck here is talking absolute boll*ks. He claimed that he only had 12 days to prepare his squad for the upcoming season. But according to Football365, Chelsea's "marketing drive" over at the US began 24 days before the season starts. So either he doesn't know how to count, or he's just a wind up merchant.

And do I have to point out Arsenal's playing Dinamo Zagreb TONIGHT without Theirry Henry and several key players? He claimed that his players will suffer the effect of the post-World Cup syndrome and will suffer a 'disastrous' start to the season. Open up your eyes and see, Maureen, that you're about as blind as Wenger himself. Does other teams not have players taking part in the World Cup as well?

Now look, almost all the big teams had players playing for the World Cup and since he's having a dig at Arsenal, F365 pointed out that both Arsenal and Chelsea actually had the same number of players that took part in the World Cup.

Why bitch and whine, Jose. You have all the cash on the world to buy whatever players you want and still whine about it. Why not sell all your 'tired' and then go on to buy another few in to replace them? Since Frank Lampard looked so out of form and knackered during the World Cup, just sell him and throw a few million at some kid and most likely they'll join anyway.

I know he's taking the pressure of his team, but whatever the case, what a pr*ck.

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