Thursday, August 10, 2006


You Sleep During Your Robbery 'Mission':-

'A drunken man who tried to rob a bank as a "joke" fell asleep while waiting on his money, a court has heard.

'At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Derek Burns, 47, admitted a breach of the peace at a branch of Lloyds TSB in Glasgow's south side on 4 November, last year.

'He had threatened workers with a can of deodorant in a bag portrayed as a weapon but when cash was refused he fell asleep, prompting staff laughter.

'Prosecutor Derek Buchanan said: "Burns produced a blue carrier bag and held it in such a way that something long and cylindrical could be seen.

'"He tried to push the bag through the counter tray. He said 'give us your money, give us your money'."

'Staff activated the panic alarm.

'The bank manager spoke with Burns and told him he was not getting any money.

'The court heard how Burns remained in the bank, sat down and fell asleep.'

There are billions of people on earth and some stories are just bizarre. Humans, tsk tsk tsk!

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