Monday, September 25, 2006

Michael Brown....

What A C**k !

Anyone who watched the Fulham vs Chelsea game might have noticed yet another controversial incident, just like any other games isn't it... Anyway Michael Brown went in with a studs up challenge on another fellow c*ckster CAshley Cole and it resulted in just a free kick for Chelsea. No punishment at all.

Now this c*ck here has a proud history of not being able to control his legs properly. Take a look:

Brown On Ryan Giggs:

Brown On Sean Davis:

He was punished for the first, but how did he get away from that tackle on Giggs. Anyway let's not drag the referees in AGAIN. Players like Michael Brown (and some times Michael Essien as well) ought to be punished more severely than the divers. It's obviously on purpose and to try and hurt a fellow professional is just downright disgraceful and is an unpardonable 'sin' to me.

Oh and he had the cheek to defend himself. I hope someone 'accidentally' break his leg that is..


Anonymous said...

I think it's a joke that the FA has a policy about the call on the field stands.They should've suspended him for what he did to Giggs.

Did they take action against that thug that plays for Man City,Ben Thatcher.I know te club took action ,but did the FA step in?


Drogballs said...

Yea, but as usual, nothing happens unless the referee decides to appeal.

Anyway Thatcher got banned for 8 matches if I'm not wrong. He was banned 6 games by Man City and then 2 by FA. So at least the FA did something there..

Anonymous said...

That's a joke he should've been suspended for a longer period than that.FA should've made an example out of him and show that acts like that will be punnished severely.

Punnishment does'nt fit the crime


Drogballs said...

At least they did something, unlike those Michael Brown incident where the FA does nothing at all, no news yet.


Hafiz said...

brown is a t!#!@#