Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reds Defeated Again

Poor Decision By Ref Was Turning Point

Reebok Stadium

Bolton 2 - 0 LIVERPOOL

BOL - Speed (30min), Campo (50min);

I didn't catch the first half, but I did watch the highlights and boy, was I pissed. Reina took a goal kick and adjudged to have 'handball outside the penalty box' and Liverpool promptly got punished by yet another Bolton set piece. Gary Speed blasted home the free kick and Liverpool were behind, unfairly.

What on earth is the linesman thinking? If he does watch football a fair bit, he will know that Reina ALWAYS take his goal kick that way and replays shows that he clearly released the ball INSIDE the box. Wrong decision, another controversy and talking point for the following week.

Liverpool had their fair share of chances with Alonso hitting the post and Gerrard had a couple of chance to take pot shot at goal. But they struggled to break down the resolute Bolton defence. Kuyt and Bellamy were kept really quiet and even though Crouch was brought on for the second half, there was little the on form striker could do, showing some poor touches and some moments of frustration.

Campo then punished Liverpool the same way Galatasaray did during the Champions League game. Wingers and midfielders moved towards Liverpool's left flank, drawing Hyypia and Carragher that direction before sending a ball into the penalty area. Ivan Campo outjumped Steve Finnan, who's the only defender covering the penalty spot and it was pretty much over for Liverpool.

Bolton's fantastic home record continues, unbeaten and has yet to concede a goal. Liverpool struggled to break them down and the longer it took, the more frustrated the Liverpool players were and the deeper Bolton defended.

In the end, a great win for Bolton, but Liverpool need to start to find some form away from Anfield, as they have yet to win away this season thus far.

Drogballs' Post Match Report:

A bad bad decision cost us again. But let's look things in perspective. We're awful. We couldn't keep the ball as the ball retention was beyond poor. Sissoko wasted loads of possesion and the strikers were cut off from the supply line. Campo held the defensive midfield position very well and both Kuyt and Bellamy were rendered useless.

Bellamy could not put his pace into action due to the deep line Bolton held and Kuyt was marked out of the game. Even when Crouch was put into action, the in form striker could not hold on to the ball due to the physical approach by the Bolton defence.

I thought Benitez should've kept Kuyt instead of Bellamy because after 70 minutes, Bolton closed shop and left nothing behind their defence line for Bellamy to run into. Gerrard looked off form again and Sissoko was pretty poor.

We really need to start grinding out results away because away games count as well and next up is Blackburn and it's another away game. We cannot afford to lose another game if we're to 'challenge for the title' and already losing 3 games, we're already halfway there to the maximum number of lost possible for anyone that is to challenge for the title.

Let's not give up hope just yet shall we, although this might sound like blind faith. Just keep supporting our lads and don't give up on them.

Oh and the media will have another field day, '96th games without a settled side', eh?

Player Ratings:

Reina 7

Finnan 7
Carragher 7
Hyypia 7
Riise 6

Pennant 5
Alonso 7
Sissoko 6
Gerrard 7

Kuyt 6
Bellamy 6


Crouch 6
Luis Garcia 6
Zenden 6


louis` said...

hi. just read your comments and totally agreed with you. i watched the match and was disappointed with liverpool today. i guess that's how every liverpool fan will feel tonight.

the linesman made a mistake but liverpool just didn't pick themselves up. poor performance.
i'm also wondering our right back, steve finnan . he seems unable to challenge strikers for their headers. happened in the CL as well as at the Reebok. what do you think?

anyway, nice layout.


Ande said...

Maybee it's time after last weeks dodgy Newcastle goal, we send all the "Referee's Assistant's" on a how to go back to being a Linesman course

Emma said...


BTW, I've had a new look.


Louis: Actually you can't fault Finnan because that position is supposed to be filled by the centre-back, not the right-back. But seemed like Carra and Hyypia got dragged off position just like Everton and Gala did and we got punished. We need to work on the defence for the left hand side and cannot depend on Hyyp and Carra to cover.

Ande: hey didn't see you before. Welcome anyway :) uhm yea, I mean, it's not even a difficult decision to hand out and he managed to screw it up.

Emma: Hey emma, don't worry! haha anyway new look to what? Blog as well? :D everyone's doing renovations...for Christmas!

Elia said...

Very disapointing I expected a draw at least.How are we suppose to challege for the title and drop points to Bolton.I still have faith,but they need to get on a hot streak quick.

Poor Peter I guess you could'nt have expected much from him his head was'nt into the game.I hope things turn out okay for him beccause that sucks.


Yea we held them to a draw last season. But it's unfair to compare results due to the form and also the new players settling in.

Anyway I saw the news already and it must be done by one of those people that say 'Crouch is sh*t!'. Sadly..