Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh How Could I....

Monday 25th September was actually a special date but I totally forgotten about it! Alright it's the 6th months 'anniversary' of this blog and boy, this blog has came a long, long way. It used to be a place where I still put some personal stuff here and attracts a couple of friends and that's it. I started it so that I could speak out on the interesting things in football and also to be an informative place so everyone could learn something from each other.

But I'm proud to see this little space of mine booming with life and with people from all around the world sharing their views just like I do and also sharing the same love for not only Liverpool, but for football generally. Made friends along the way and definitely helped me someway or the other and also learnt alot on journalism and I must say my English has improved a fair bit, but still got to work harder! (my current aim is to be a sports columnist)

Anyway thanks to all the 'fans' over here that has constantly supported this blog and me for the past 6 months. I greatly appreciate your presence here and I hope I can improve and bring you the best. Although I don't see most of you in real life, but your words over here will be taken seriously.

Oh and I don't think you're reading, but thanks to the dude who made the banner there and designed the lay out of this blog. 'Never say never'.



Elia said...

Keep doing what what you're doing.Your very good at posting daily,so sometimes if I'm busy and don't get on for a couple of days alot of catching up to do.I hope this blog never ends,so keep it up 6 months and counting

Aloha from Hawaii

p.s. I'm a dumbass I just realized I can put my name on no more anonymous always wondered what other was lol

Emma said...

Happy 6 month-versary. Your blog rocks!

Emma said...

And yes, now you know my name.

SoccerGuy said...

Wonderful six months you've had. Keep on doing what you do best. ;)


Drogballs said...

haha hey elia thanks for posting constantly :)

oh hi emma! hahaha yea okay I think you know mine too so no harm :p

oh and hey soccerguy thanks a million!