Saturday, October 14, 2006

Maybe You Should Stop Talking So Much...

"I feel very determined and really hungry. I'm determined to be as good as I can be on a personal level, but also to be part of a team that's successful - both for Chelsea and England.

"I've come out of the World Cup experience very determined. You can't let your head go down. It's all about putting things right.

"I've been very fortunate. A lot of things have gone right for me, both at club and international level, and I understand that it's down to bits of good fortune here and there... but I've also worked hard for it." - Frank Lampard

He speaks before the game and after the game and it's as predictable as England's performance. You are very hungry? Get some pies and stuff them in your mouth before yet another of those 'we're unlucky' and 'we'll improve in due time, just watch us' claims. We've heard it all the way from the Pre-World Cup talks and build up.

"I could hide away. I could have hidden away in the World Cup and not at least try to get forward and score goals. But I didn't do that and that's the attitude I'll continue to have. It's all about coming out of it stronger."

Good lord, expect more shots from the guy who doesn't want to get involve in the hustle and bustle in midfield, but instead concentrating on his 'own time own target' shooting practice every game and somehow, the ball will hit some unlucky bloke and goes in. Keep trying? I would'nt have given you a chance to IF I'm the coach!

All he talks about is me me and me. A very self-centered and selfish person to be honest. He needs a team to be built around him and you can understand why Lampard always fails to turn up for England games (and some Chelsea ones).

You modern day footballer. All the talks. Show us what you're made off on the pitch instead. I couldn't be bothered by how many pies you ate in a year.

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