Thursday, October 12, 2006

Neville Passes Back To Robinson....OH MY GOD!

The epitome of goalkeeper blunders..Okay not so serious. But that provided some entertainment for people who wished that England can be a little more..entertaining. You got it!

PS: Watch the scene with Borat in the background advertisement board with the words 'I like you!'. HAHAHHA

Question 1: Why didn't Robinson stop the ball before attempting to kick? He was not under intense pressure anyway.

Question 2: What did McClaren wrote on his notebook right after they conceded? 'We're f*king sh*t' or 'B*llocks I got merk'd by Bilic' ?


Emma said...

We're shit.

Shit, shit, shit.


Hafiz said...

Rob should've clear it. I know. But trust me, I'm a GK, and i know it's much harder than it looks. It's his fault, yeah all right, but it wasnt easy. Well literally.


Emma: quite true, so support liverpool instead :p

hafiz: Yea I played football as well so I know we took things like ths for granted. But he clearly took his eyes off the ball.

Hafiz said...

Yea .. Mostly his fault .. PUT CARSON IN DAMN THAT DAMN MCDONALD .. or wadeva his name is


Sven's evil twin brother? The worst of the two? Heh..

Elia said...

Hafiz are you serious? it's harder than it looks?If he was blind you could understnd,but c'mon that was pathetic.I was a keeper too and that was a disgrace we're talking about a professional.I wonder how he slept that night just thinking about it all night he will live with that blunder forever.

Reporter said...

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Yea, I think it's something that he'll forever regret. You'll expect better from a keeper paid thousands upon thousands every week.

hey sure, I'll drop by ;)

sXE32 said...

Lol, he didn't look properly while kicking it :P . Complecent !