Wednesday, October 04, 2006

See What I Mean...

That those people up there don't actually give a sh*t about what's going on the pitch itself.

The Football Association are unable to take action against Zokora due to FIFA restrictions, which they have found "frustrating".

A spokesman told the Daily Mail: "We've been restricted by FIFA in the past on where we can take retrospective disciplinary action and that has been frustrating at times."
So they just push the blame around and then sit there with their arms folded and oh yes, it's FIFA again. FIFA restriction WHAT? FA not being able to punish cheaters and dishonest players?

Pfft, even Bush is more competent.

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RedsMan said...

Yes, they can find something in the rule books about retrospective action, despite the fact that Dermot Gallagher had booked Ben Thatcher for his elbow on Pedro Mendes. But they cannot find the authority to punish Zokora, which suited them fine to not get involved. Just like our govenment, once there is a public outcry the authorities wish to look good and act for their PR. Potentially there was not enough outcry over Zokora, as shocking as his act was.