Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Should Be Ashamed

If you're one of those 'fans' who goes onto various Liverpool forums and start blasting people away when Liverpool loses a match.

Xabi Alonso has told Liverpool's critics to reserve judgement on Rafael Benitez's side until the end of the season.

The Reds have come in for stinging criticism from some sections of the media following their weekend defeat at Bolton and while Alonso admits Liverpool haven't started the season in the manner they'd have liked, he struggles to understand why there has been such an over the top reaction from journalists and pundits, especially when other sides have also made stuttering starts to the campaign.

"In England I have found that the media are not interested in the bigger picture. As far as they are concerned you are only as good, or as bad, as your last result," said the Spanish midfielder. "If you have won comfortably then you are a great team and you are going to be challenging for the title at the top of the league.

"Yet, if you have lost, then you have big problems and something has to be done to change things. All week they will talk about it but then if you win the next week you are a much better team again.

"That is one of the main reasons why I do not read English papers. I choose to read only papers from back home, but it is the same in Spain and all of the big football countries and seems to be more and more a part of the modern game.

"People have to try and analyse football with a little more distance and perspective if they want to do it properly.

"We know that we can still do things better than we are doing them now, but it's not a problem for us. We have nothing to fear if we keep playing like we did against Newcastle, Chelsea and Spurs.

"With the way that FIFA have the schedule now, with all the international matches to be played, it's only normal that teams are taking time to find their feet and it's no surprise to me, or to anybody at the club, that around Europe a lot of big teams are starting their seasons slowly.

"I would say that none of the so-called giant teams have started the season the way they ended last season but not every club receives the same level of criticism. Some get it and others are spared but that's okay because we are only interested in ourselves. We have just started the season and we will see where we are in May."

If even fans of the club doesn't get behind the club, who will? So stop moaning about this and that because we HAVE a boss and he is not a retard for winning Champions League and FA Cup. Don't tell him what to do because he already started coaching when most of us are still drinking mummy's milk.

Just stick behind your team. If you can't do that, then don't watch football.


RedsMan said...

My apologies for not spotting your site sooner. It's link on our own site and your first words in this article were spot on. I wondered if you have seen the official LFC site's forum and read under the General Discussion section the fans who criticise Benitez, some asking him to leave now!!! Others stating we should have signed Martin O'Neill instead of RB. Criticism of Gerrard, Alonso, how they recoil in disgust at us having signed Bellamy and Pennant as players who have been in trouble with the law. Makes my blood boil.

There was one article that supported what Mourinho said about Liverpool being just a good cup side, and others who endorsed that view. It referred to when Mourinho criticised us after the FA cup semi defeat and he said in the cup a fourth league side could win against a top league one, but in the league we have no chance against Chelsea. One's opinion is their opinion, no doubt, but this veered onto frustration at our team through Mourinho's words.

I'm frustrated, most if not all LFC fans are right now. Harsh decision on Saturday, another goal added and we couldn't turn it on bolton enough despite having bossed the majority of the game. But RB is the man and I feel we will begin going up the table and we are just six points off the top. I have always said the teams above us in form have really not played each other other than Man Utd And Arsenal, so there is much much more to play for.

I'm not sure about fans elsewhere but we have some who are so disillusioned when the going gets tough and then speak out when all goes well. Some of them seem to not be familiar with 'thick and thin' and enjoy rolling in sarcasm and wit instead of any constructive criticism and/or suggestions.



Hey, thanks for your comment. Very much appreciated.

Yea, I went on to various forums and had pretty much the same sentiment as you, disgusted.

But i guess majority of the Liverpool fans have already endured through 10 or so years of 'dry period' which is in the late 90s where we're just wannabes and also-rans. These fans got frustrated understandably but human often look at the negative side of things and forgot the 'good times' like the Champions League win and FA Cup.

I guess it's just normal human reaction until one learns to look things in perspective and not to think that by complaining, it will get any better.

It's not that I have blind faith in Benitez. At the end of the day, I don't know whether he'll be the one who will bring us the 19th title, but I'm sure he's already done a huge part by making Liverpool who they are today and I'll rather look at the present than anything else.

Cheers matey!

ELia said...

I have no doubt that he can take Liverpool to the promise land,if he can do it with Valencia in La Liga why should we doubt him.



hopefully so! :)

RedsMan said...

Exactly. Not blind faith, but I sense he is steering us in a good direction but he cant do it alone. The players add their contribution too, and we as the fans supply the remainder. Through thick and thin.....