Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Deflated Reina & Carra vs Riise

I'm sure some of you are aware of the news about Jose Reina and Carragher saying 'top 4 is our aim for now' and then Riise coming out today to blast the 'coward defeatist attitude' of the duo. But once again we've seen the power of the press and their ability to twist the words from the mouth of the players.

After the defeat at Arsenal, Carragher and Reina came out and spoke about the title ambition that is up in the smokes. By being realistic, they said they're now aiming for a top 4 finish which to me sounds realistic at the moment. But Reina's quote about 'fourth place is our target now' doesn't sound good to me at all and I don't think he should've said that. No matter how bad thing get, I don't think we should only be contented at 4th spot although it seemed that's the only place we can finish this season without being named failures. I hope Reina didn't mean it and I hope the players don't rest on their laurels and think that finishing 4th is all they could do now and then go on the season deflated.

Which brings me to the point about Riise, who commented on Reina's deflating speech. I'm sure he himself felt disappointed by the results so far and therefore when he heard words like those, the passion for Liverpool just drove him on to say about only cowards give up and such.

I've no idea what's going on behind the scenes and in the dressing room. But let's hope it's not some serious unrest in the team where one bunch feeling down and out while the others blast them instead of giving their helping hands. It's tough times and I hope that the players can stand united in times like this.

You're playing for a club who has came back from the dead before and what is there to stop you? Results might not be going our way, but I hope everyone give their best regardless of whether we're going to finish fourth or not. At the end of the day, at least you know you've tried your best rather than giving up on everything.

Come on lads, not a time to blast each other on the press and giving up. Know what team you're playing for and fight for the chance to wear that red jersey of yours.


loveuamy said...

ignore the news. i don't buy it.


If I'm not wrong, it was on the official website as well. Now the news is all over the place.

loveuamy said...

well they did actually say what has been written. but, personally i don't think what Riise said was aiming at Reina or Carra.

i mean most of the time players don't really know what their team-mates said to the press 'just yesterday', do they.

if the article goes like: "Yesterday Reina said they're fighting for the 4th place. Today Riise had a response insisting only cowards give up title race." then i would be worried if there's an issue in the dressing room.

i read the article on BBC again, and realized how powerful the media is. they're mixing up facts, and trying to suggest the idea of 'Riise thinks Reina is coward'! looking closer, they didn't say Riise was commenting on Reina's speech! how clever is that.

anyway, seeing this i do feel worried about Liverpool players are not confident enough. i agree with you Reina shouldn't have said something like it.

4th place!!!?? NO WAY, come on let's get back to the top shall we!


To me I think they did say it but its how people interpret the words. And the media is always looking for stories to write on and unsettle people so I'm not surprised to see those headlines.

There's a satirical Taiwan program making fun of the media and their tagline is 'So much news how to report? Anyhow report!' which is pretty damn true.

blue champion said...

Ignore them mate! That's what the press does for their living. This is where I think Rafa should play a role of what the ambitions are for the season and what should be official statement outside. But, here I think you should shrug it off and move along. Press just needs controversies!

loveuamy said...

lol drogballs, i didn't know the program is popular over there.


Hey blue champs, I guess so. Maybe a little over-reacting on a non-existant news. Thanks dude.

Loveamy: my dad watches it every night on cable tv and he's very into Taiwanese politics.