Saturday, November 18, 2006

Moores Holding Up The Takeover?

Found this on the TIA forums. It's an article from the Daily Telegraph describing how Chairman David Moores is sort of asking too much and his stubbornness in surrendering the stakes of Liverpool. But of course we could understand why he struggles to give up on Liverpool because essentially it's his family business and to give up Liverpool as a fan is just a terrible thing to do. But let's hope he knows what's best for the team and do the right thing.

When Liverpool visited Birmingham last week for the Carling Cup there were two prominent absentees from their 'team'. Neither the chairman, David Moores, nor the chief executive, Rick Parry, was there.

It is unusual for either, particularly Moores, to miss a match. I am told that the reason for the absence was that they were in North America visiting George Gillett, the owner of the Montreal ice-hockey team, who wants to buy Liverpool.

Parry was recently in Dubai, and although the word was that he was there with his family over half-term, I understand he met Samir Ansari, head of Dubai International Capital, part of Dubai Holdings, who is a fervent Liverpool fan and is interested in buying the club. Parry, it seems, prefers Ansari to Gillett.

The supposed Liverpool takeover began two years ago with the then Thai prime minister expressing interest. He has since been toppled, is living in exile in London and has, incidentally, been spotted at Fulham matches.

There is no resolution and little word from Liverpool about what is happening. I am told that there are two sticking points.

One is that Moores gets depressed the moment Liverpool lose and thinks of selling, but then bucks up with a win and does not want to let go.

There is also the problem of how much any bidder would pay. Moores is valuing the club at £200million. Liverpool need another £200million for their new stadium. Add in some £30-£50million over the next few years for players and other costs and debts and you are soon looking at £500million.

Liverpool have big support overseas, but a bidder with such deep pockets would want to put much of that money into the club, not give it to Moores and the existing shareholders.

I understand Gillett told them that he might be willing to invest a total of £450m but would want much of it going into the club for the stadium and players, and would want to take full control and bring in his own people.

What say you? What's next for Liverpool? Do tell me your feelings.


Chee Sheng said...

if Gillett is gonna kick Rafa and co. out, then i dun want him around... but if hes gonna just remove Rick Parry, im totally fine with that...


I don't think they're going to overthrow the management or anything on the pitch itself. Maybe just the removal of the board and perhaps CEO. We'll wait and see..this is dragging on for far too long I'm afraid.